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Namie Amuro – Just You and I June 12, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Just You and I
  2. Strike A Pose
  3. Just You and I -Instrumental-
  4. Strike A Pose -Instrumental-

1. Just You and I

It didn’t take too much for me to guess that Just You and I would be more of a softer effort from Namie this time around.  Of course she wouldn’t abandon her R&B beats here and I feel like the beat is a little distracting, but the song otherwise has a romantic & sentimental feel to it and it’s nice that she releases these tracks once in a while to keep her grounded.  Nice track, not exactly the best this era has seen, but it’s nice enough to last a while.

2. Strike A Pose

The B-side of the single actually has been known for quite a while (being around when her last single, “Dear Diary / Fighter” dropped almost).  When people were saying it was a bop, I was expecting something like “Show Me What You’ve Got”, but I get a mix of Katy Perry & poppy Nicki Minaj in this song.  I do get that the song makes for a good summer track, but I feel like she’s done better tracks that holds the summer jam down.



I feel like Namie is holding back an album because let’s be honest, she’s due for one at this point.  I do think this single is kind of the weakest of the 5 singles she’s released in the era (not counting some of the singles prior to her “_genic” album.  Either way, Just You and I is nice and all but she’s done this before alongside Strike A Pose which does cater to more of a Western pop song (seriously, it reminds me of Nicki’s “Starships”).  I hope there’s an album on the way, if not a best album to chronicle the singles.