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Kaya – Yumeji June 14, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Yumeji
  2. Frosty Rain
  3. Yumeji -Trance Remix-

1. Yumeji

Oh wow, is this tribal drums and percussion I hear that opens up Yumeji?  Wow, I’m actually impressed by it even after piano & strings are added to the mix.  I feel like it does sound a bit jazzy when Kaya starts to sing and I quite enjoy the soft atmosphere that he’s not really totally known for.  I will say I’m surprised too by the abundance of reverb here giving Kaya an echo-y sound to add to the whispyness of the track overall.  Decent song here and was not expecting a track like this.

2. Frosty Rain

Are we really seeing this song again?  Yup, not even one single after (it was a B-side from “Perfana”), we have a new version of Frosty Rain that makes the ballad even MORE ballad-like with a softer performance from Kaya.  Actually there’s another voice in the song singing lines too, Yume Suzuki (who I never heard of) and they both did a pretty good job.  Strange, but I think I prefer this cut over the original take.

3. Yumeji -Trance Remix-

Since the single so far has been a quiet ride, knowing that we’d get to a trance remix of the leading song perked my interest especially the genre shift from jazz to trance is quite the stretch.  Honestly though, the arrangement with blazing synths and cool melodies are neat to listen to, but I was expecting the song to just fizzle out and quiet down for Kaya.  Though once the chorus kicks in, everything feels right in the world and it just works SO well together. I have to say for just a remix, this was pretty damn good!



Kaya’s 2nd single for the era is quite a nice single from him I’d say!  Yumeji was a nice change of pace for an A-side being quiet and jazzy and somewhat cool for him to tackle and it even makes a better trance track on top of that!  I am curious to why Frosty Rain was chosen to be redone, but it definitely made the track more memorable than before!  Awesome single!


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