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You Kikkawa – Sayonara, Standard June 14, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Sayonara, Standard
  2. Unbalance Unbalance
  3. Sayonara, Standard (Instrumental)
  4. Unbalance Unbalance (Instrumental)

1. Sayonara, Standard

I was wondering what Yuu would bring us for her next A-side after the odd “Ha wo Kuishibare!” and considering the same person wrote her next A-side, I was expecting the tune to be more strange, but Sayonara, Standard is a bit more normal, but I wasn’t expecting Yuu to sound so different than she has before.  Almost squeakier and nasally than before which is unusual.  Plus the arrangement is a bit kooky and cutesy too.  It’s definitely a Seiko Oomori song and it’s different enough to stick out, but I’m not quite sure if it reaches levels of Kikka’s older works.

2. Unbalance Unbalance

As the lone B-side, Unbalance Unbalance follows behind “Charming Shoubu Sedai” by having more of a pop/rock vibe, but like “Sayonara, Standard”, it comes off a bit cuter due to Kikka’s cutesy vocals and some of the arrangement choices made here.  It’s pretty simple and it works as a B-side I feel like.



Not sure why Kikka keeps moving away from her EDM works because I keep thinking that’s her bread and butter so once again I feel a bit bummed from this single.  Sayonara, Standard is strange, not as much as the previous Oomori produced song, but absurd from making Kikka not sound like herself.  Unbalance Unbalance is OK, nothing special…I feel this single could’ve used another B-side, but this single is just kind of meh for me.



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