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Up Up Girls – Upper Disco/FOREVER YOUNG June 24, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Upper Disco
  3. FLASH (Reg A only)
  4. Show Time (Reg B only)
  5. FOREVER YOUNG (Up Up Girls (2) Ver.) (Reg C only)
  6. Upper Disco (Instrumental)
  7. FOREVER YOUNG (Instrumental)

1. Upper Disco

I feel like the group could get tired of calling everything Upper ____ eventually right?  Anyways, Upper Disco is definitely set in its upbeat style and I think after their last couple of singles, this straightforward song is pretty nice and the girls aren’t quite as bombastic and loud as something like “Party People Alien” and “!!!!!!!!” were.  The song does remind me of a couple H!P songs, but I’m not terribly complaining as I really like this fun and catchy songs.  Decent A-side overall!


The other A-side, FOREVER YOUNG takes the group in a somewhat ska direction and I also liked the energy behind it and it goes back to some of their previous efforts from their first album.  The solo lines are nice and it really showed the girls are improving and they come together for the chorus and it’s just great to listen to.  Definitely an idol song to its core!


Of course it isn’t a UUG single without edition specific songs!  FLASH was funny enough the first song the group performed before the single’s announcement so many thought it was going to be an A-side (didn’t we learn from “YOLO” that it wasn’t the case?).  Unlike the previous two tracks, FLASH has more of a electronic vibe in comparison and it’s quite heavy and honestly would’ve suited on their last single more than here, but it’s a cool track still.

4. Show Time

I think the one that stuck out to me is Show Time because once again, I hear only one girl singing throughout the track and I wonder who could it be.  Well, I’m not surprised that I was correct on the assumption because it’s another Akari Saho solo.  Her voice has gotten quite nice (versus her Shugo Chara Egg! days) and she can handle this nicely.  The beat is a lot lighter and spaced out, but it has this sort of R&B groove going.  Decent song overall.

5. FOREVER YOUNG (Up Up Girls (2) Ver.)

Though I think most UUG fans were curious about this track in particular.  Though it’s FOREVER YOUNG again, it’s sung by 5 new girls that were introduced earlier in the year; Riko Hashimura, Aya Kajishima, Mayu Yoshikawa, Chinatsu Takahagi, and Rin Nakaoki to become a secondary group to UUG.  I don’t have much to say on their appearance other than it’s apparent the voices are a smidge younger sounding in comparison.  Though I do have to say, Aya’s deep voice is a nice change of pace with the other 4 having more higher idol-like voices.



I’m starting to think T-Palette is just slowing down on releases to get more songs out in one package (good idea).  Either way, I thought Upper Disco/FOREVER YOUNG was a pretty good single for the most part.  No complaints on either of the leading tracks, FLASH was a little more of what we saw off their previous single and Show Time was another decent offering from Akari!  We also got a nice sample of what’s to come with this new UUG (2) group as well.

Though I’m not sure yet if this is the case but Minami Sengoku & Ayano Sato are graduating in the summer, so I can’t tell if this is their final single or if there’ll be one more by then…but I’m curious to see what 5-nin UUG will be like.


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