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AAA – No Way Back July 7, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. No Way Back
  2. Beat Together
  3. No Way Back (Instrumental)
  4. Beat Together (Instrumental)

1. No Way Back

I kind of enjoy the funky vibes I get from hearing the track right from the start with the guitar licks and pulsating beat.  It’s great that AAA is back to upbeat tracks as I’ve been missing it greatly in recent times.  There’s just something refreshing about it.  The group is more or less at the same energetic vibe, but I did struggle to find Misako in the song (odd, since we just lost Chiaki and whatnot).  She’s in there but her biggest part is in the bridge.  Overall, this was a song they’ve needed for a while and I appreciated it!

2. Beat Together

The B-side sounds like something from their “HEARTFUL” album with a overarching dance beat and quiet verses.  There’s also something that reminds me of Ayumi Hamasaki’s summer songs because of the chanting and overall chords used for the song.  Still, the song is kind of OK, but I think it could’ve used a tempo boost because it does feel a bit too slow for me.



As the first single for a new era and first without Chiaki Ito, No Way Back is one of their better singles in the last couple of years.  Both songs are definitely screaming summer and fun and keeps things upbeat the entire time.  I think I was more impressed by the leading track rather than its B-side.  So far so good, keep it up AAA!


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