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UVERworld – DECIDED July 14, 2017

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Track Listing

  2. RANGE
  3. DIS is TEKI


UVER returns again with an interesting A-side in DECIDED.  Unlike previous singles, this one feels like a song that will be amazing to hear live from the hard performance and the synth riffs that give the tune more depth.  Add on TAKUYA’s signature voice and the track is just loud, in your face and powerful!  It’s one of their more regular tracks where it’s just the band letting loose and something that isn’t totally experimental.  It’s a pretty awesome track overall!


As for the B-side, it begins as a much lighter affair with TAKUYA’s vocals behind some piano & synths.  As the song moves forward, the track shifts over into this mix of synths and a march style which is definitely putting this song in the more experimental category.  I don’t know, I thought it was going to hit a little bit harder.  It does get there once it goes into the pre-chorus and it’s still good regardless, but I think “DECIDED” knocked it out of the park.

3. DIS is TEKI

The other B-side of the single though caught my attention the most due to the fact that it’s over 7 minutes long.  Granted, most of this track is kind of like studio rambling.  The first little bit of song is kind of poppy and weird (and not sung by TAKUYA primarily).  The next bit of song is a pretty edgy song and VERY cool from UVERworld, but considering I’m not sure what song this is, baffles me.  The 3rd track and final out of this one is pretty standard UVER as well and does a good job too…though I’m wondering if this is more of a preview of what’s to come on “TYCOON”…



As the 5th and final single before the band releases their next album, “TYCOON”, DECIDED was even more awesomeness from UVERworld.  The leading track continues this line of awesome A-sides the band has been putting out for quite a while and they don’t seem to even feel like slowing down.  RANGE on the other hand was a bit disappointing on the other hand, maybe a little too out there for me, but I think it could grow on me.  DIS is TEKI is just randomness and while I’m sure there’s a reason it exists, it feels more like a medley to me.


One Response to “UVERworld – DECIDED”

  1. Iva Says:

    Nice review as always~

    DIS is TEKI is kinda a rap battle song between Takuya and Nobuto they made around a year ago and added to live performances as a kind of special event. So the instrumental kinda serves to underline each of the parts making them more intense and stuff.

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