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Tsubaki Factory – Shuukatsu Sensation/Waratte/Hana Moyou July 19, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Shuukatsu Sensation
  2. Waratte
  3. Hana Moyou
  4. Shuukatsu Sensation (Instrumental)
  5. Waratte (Instrumental)
  6. Hana Moyou (Instrumental)

1. Shuukatsu Sensation

I was curious to see what a title like Shuukatsu Sensation would bring us for Tsubaki and I was immediately caught to the song’s main hook of ~yoroshiku onegai itashimasu~ and just the whole groove of it all.  It’s got a lot of funk thanks to both Takui & DANCE MAN and the whole thing just stood out to me.  I really love the chorus too and working in tangent with the hook, it’s just an entertaining track.  Surprised that only Yumeno & Mizuho got the only solos, but I’m quite content with it.  Overall, this is a fantastic song and is right up there with “Hatsukoi Sunrise” in favorites from the group.

2. Waratte

The 2nd A-side to be revealed, Waratte chooses the path towards being a funky 80’s-esque kind of track.  I do feel like Waratte in comparison to “Shuukatsu Sensation” is a lot more brighter and poppy to fit the group’s more cute side.  It also helps that all the members get a solo somewhere in the song.  It’s a pretty decent song and I like its upbeat tempo and funky sound as well!

3. Hana Moyou

Not strange that Hana Moyou would be the last to be revealed, but it had been under wraps until a couple weeks before the single’s release.  Of the three songs, I’m somewhat conflicted with this the most.  I do love that of the three tracks, this one goes straight up EDM with the sawtooth synths almost giving it a Momusu feel of recent times and the guitars helped that feeling for sure.  Though my only bother is the chorus because mainly of the first half of it, being spoken dialogue to a moment of segment finishing that feels a little jagged and absurd.  Otherwise, I really do enjoy this one and I’m loving that all the girls are getting lines throughout!



I didn’t know if they could 1-up their debut single, but hell Tsubaki Factory managed to do it pretty swiftly with their second major offering!  I definitely felt they found a sweet spot in what they wanted music-wise and it worked.  Shuukatsu Senastion & Waratte are just great H!P songs and it suits them quite well.  Hana Moyou while good does have that kink I mentioned but I don’t think it was enough to deter my enjoyment of it otherwise.  With Kiki currently on hiatus (due back hernia), I am wondering what’s next for the group because they’ve been getting steadily better and better with each new release!


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