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Nana Mizuki – Destiny’s Prelude July 29, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Destiny’s Prelude
  2. Invisible Heat
  3. Poison Lily

1. Destiny’s Prelude

It feels like if you have heard one of Nana’s anison themes then you heard about 90% of them is true for Destiny’s Prelude which feels like another track that was an extra from “HYBRID UNIVERSE” what with the dramaticism and strings/piano use in the arrangement.  I can’t say too much because at least like most of those anison songs, Nana manages to bring a powerful performance and make its own.  Overall, it’s good…one of the better ones in her massive discography.

2. Invisible Heat

I fell like if you compare this B-side to “Destiny’s Prelude”, you won’t get too much difference besides the track leaning more towards some light EDM/beats.  I think I actually might enjoy this a bit more than the leading track, but it’s mainly because it’s more towards the style of music I enjoy.  Though it’s not quite up there with her best tracks, but it might be one of the better B-sides.

3. Poison Lily

Breaking a bit of the monotony, Poison Lily changes things up by being more of a pop/rock track in comparison to the previous tracks.  Nana’s rock songs have been quite hit’n’misses for me, but I think this one suits her because as much as I want to not say it, it feels like a theme for an anime like Gintama, Bleach, or even Naruto.  Still, I appreciate the track a lot and ranks out even “Invisible Heat”.



Seems like once again Nana decided to drop two singles simultaneously (like with “SCARLET KNIGHT” & “POP MASTER” a couple years ago).  The first single, Destiny’s Prelude overall is more or less familiar to her fans and kind of runs the safe route.  None of the songs are terrible, but I feel like it’s been stuff we’ve heard before.  Poison Lily though did a good job on leaving an impression on me by being a rock song.  Invisible Heat is a synthy anison track at the end of the day and Destiny’s Prelude is just full strings anison.  I’m hoping “TESTAMENT” is the better single here though…


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