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Nana Mizuki – TESTAMENT July 29, 2017

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Track Listing

  3. Phantasm


Going from the intro, I was definitely ready for another Senkizessho Symphogear theme and it does not disappoint!  The song is just like most of the others keeping up with the dramatics and even mixture of synths & orchestral sounds on top of Nana’s explosive performance that really gives this song its atmosphere and character.  It’s got me excited for Nana again (then again these themes all tend to do that to me).  It’s just that fantastic of a song!


The first B-side, ACROSS is what I would consider the same styling as “Destiny’s Prelude” with a lil more focus on guitarwork, but beyond that, the song has a standard anison sound to it that doesn’t phase me much, especially coming after “TESTAMENT”.  It’s nothing special, but it’s not a terrible track, just one that doesn’t really end up feeling original to me.

3. Phantasm

The other B-side, Phantasm I thought was going to be somewhat dark of a song, but instead we got a bouncy piano-laced pop track.  Of the 6 songs she’s released, I think Phantasm has the lightest instrumentation which is a nice change of pace and Nana doesn’t seem to really do these songs.  The chorus does somewhat lose me because it goes back to sounding a bit anison, but it comes back to this really original feel.  I think I’ll end up enjoying this with more listens.



The other single Nana released, I felt like TESTAMENT did a better job overall of grabbing my attention.  I already knew that the leading song was going to be an easy favorite given her track record with Symphogear songs.  I also actually enjoyed Phantasm by changing things up and giving listeners a lighter affair.  The only one that didn’t do much for me was ACROSS and that’s mostly because it felt generic and overdone even for her.  I’m wondering if there’s going to be a “MUSEUM III” after this…


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