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Kalafina – Hyakka Ryouran August 24, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Hyakka Ryouran
  2. Kantankatan
  3. Tombo
  4. Hyakka Ryouran ~instrumental~
  5. Kantankatan ~instrumental~
  6. Tombo ~instrumental~
  7. Hyakka Ryouran -TV Size-

1. Hyakka Ryouran

Opening the single up, Hyakka Ryouran to me finally feels like Kajiura is up for some kind of experimentation whereas the previous singles in this era felt more or less safe for her.  Actually, the song’s darker rock vibe reminds me of songs like “consolation” and “Magia”.  I love the arrangement and it just sounds like Kalafina back to their awesomeness and mysterious auras.  This is definitely a song that really sticks out for them in a great way!

2. Kantankatan

The first of the B-sides, Kantankatan takes the trio down a slower path with a strings/piano/acoustic guitar ballad.  To be fair, I feel like I haven’t heard the trio tackle a style like this.  I’m liking the harmonies in the song for sure, but I feel like because of the arrangement, it does kind of feel sluggish to me, maybe a bit boring?  I don’t know there’s just not much for me to remember it for.

3. Tombo

Though the other B-side is something Kalafina always seem to do and nowadays, the feeling is cutting short because there’s just not much to say when it comes to bare-boned ballads.  So for short, nice harmonies, melody is forgetful due to it is only really come in the form of piano and it’s a sleeper…



As Kalafina’s 3rd single of the era, Hyakka Ryouran might be my favorite A-side they’ve done for quite a WHILE so I appreciate the effort in this track especially!  However, I can’t say the same for the rest of the single.  Kantankatan does have an interesting arrangement but the way it flows just kind of feels slow to me and Tombo…is basic Kalafina…there’s SOOOO many other similar ballads in comparison too…


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