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Morning Musume ’17 – Jama Shinaide Here We Go!/Dokyuu no Go Sign/Wakaindashi! September 27, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Jama Shinaide Here We Go!
  2. Dokyuu no Go Sign
  3. Wakaindashi!
  4. Jama Shinaide Here We Go! (Instrumental)
  5. Dokyuu no Go Sign (Instrumental)
  6. Wakaindashi! (Instrumental)

1. Jama Shinaide Here We Go!

Opening the single, we get Jama Shinaide Here We Go! with an intro from Harunan & Haachin before we actually kick the song off!  As this track in particular is here to sort of introduce the group’s newest member, Chisaki Morito, the tune does a fair job at showing her off on top of various other members getting a solo line here and there (hm did Kaede not get one???).  The track itself has this Colorful era feel mixed with one of the group’s earlier singles, “AS FOR ONE DAY” but synthy.  It’s different for the group, I can say that, not too interesting IMO though.  There’s something kind of low energy about it.

2. Dokyuu no Go Sign

At least with the 2nd A-side, things get a whole lot more energetic.  Actually, I was surprised how quick-paced and powerful the song went right from the opening.  It reminds me of “Koko ni Iruzee!” with the pop/rock yet super genki vibes I get.  However, not all is great as we have the singing group/dancing group shtick once again (like in “Oh my wish!” & “The Vision”).  This time it seems like Eripon, Duu, Ayumi, Yokoyan, Kaedii, and even new member Chiichan are sitting this song out.  Which is odd and shaky as the rest involved: (Fukuchan, Maachan, Harunan, Odasaku, Akanechin, Haachin, Maria, and Miki) are at the forefront here.  I love the energy and hearing the 12th Gen getting this push is great to see, but I wish the newer members had more chances to stand out.

3. Wakaindashi!

Since this single is also Duu’s final single, it comes to no surprise that at least one track would be centered around her and she’s leading all over the track.  Unlike the other two A-sides, this one is quite poppy, kind of like a happier “ENDLESS SKY”.  I have to admit that it is also my favorite off the single.  The song’s bright nature and boppy nature is just cute and Duu sounds amazing.  Though interesting that the 3 youngest members, (Akane, Reina, and Maria) got lines too!  Interesting song overall and really is a nice way to send Haruka off.  I will say those male ~heys~ are so distracting XD.



Oooph…is 2017 over yet?  Momusu has been dealing with quite a bit this year as it is.  This single marks the beginning of a new member (Chisaki) who is from…well…what was the active Country Girls but since been inactive and the girls (sans Yamakki & Ozeko) were put to different groups.  On top of this being Haruka Kudo’s final single before graduation.  Honestly, the single was OK, not their best, but certainly passable.  Wakaindashi! is the clear winner for me as it was breezy pop and celebrated Duu quite nicely.  Jama Shinaide was serious and slightly brooding, but it’s got some interesting things about it and Dokyuu no Go Sign was an exciting and fast track to really get behind…A little bummed that some members got forgotten on this single (Kaede & Eripon in particular).  Also WELCOME BACK Maachan!!!