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TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE – water lily ~Suiren~ October 8, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. water lily ~Suiren~
  2. illusion
  3. water lily ~Suiren~ (PARKGOLF Remix)
  4. water lily ~Suiren~ (Instrumental)
  5. illusion (Instrumental)

1. water lily ~Suiren~

Opening the single, we get a very different side to TGS with water lily which is more relaxed a totally different setting from the norm that everyone had gotten used to.  It definitely is laidback and taking upon a more tropical house setting is something new yet familiar to the quartet.  It’s refreshing overall and the members are sounding better in harmonies (or it could just be studio magic).  Still, not so bad of a song!

2. illusion

The B-side though is not exactly new material, it’s more of a original version to the illusion found on their last album, “REFLECTION”.  Not sure why they waited so long to put this on a single considering it’s been quite a while.  As mentioned in the album remix of it, it’s a Mei solo but unlike the arrangement, this goes back to the funk/disco vibes (when the group was still 5 strong).  It’s nice to hear a song like this again, but I was alarmed about the amount of auto-tune used on Mei’s voice.  It’s a bit distracting and doesn’t really work with the arrangement.  I suppose the single needed something, but eh…it’s kind of disappointing.

3. water lily ~Suiren~ (PARKGOLF Remix)

Of course it’s remix time and it’s of the leading track here.  The PARKGOLF remix feels a bit more organic sounding having a bit more piano and this reggae-ish mood as the main style.  Not quite sure if I was liking the auto-tune placed in this song either as it makes the group sound more squirrelly sounding.  I think I like musically more than the original, but the vocal melody needs to be fixed up some.



As the group’s 4th single since their album, I feel like water lily is kind of the middle-of-the-road single (considering this before they had announced two best mini-albums).  I feel like nothing totally stood out here, but it’s not horrid enough to be shelved.  Both the main song and remix have good points and bad points, but it’s different from their usual shtick.  illusion on the other hand was just thrown on here for no good reason IMO, but likewise it’s fine if you’re into the older TGS sound.  Interesting to see what’s in store from the “PERIOD. BEST” albums.


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