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VIXX – Lalala ~Ai wo Arigatou~ October 17, 2017

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Track Listing

  1. Lalala ~Ai wo Arigatou~
  2. Celebration!!
  3. Crush My Mind
  4. How ’bout you
  5. Saboten

1. Lalala ~Ai wo Arigatou~

As the leading track of the mini, Lalala is definitely a style VIXX doesn’t really cater to very much and that’s the bright piano-laced songs.  Definitely makes me think of “G.R.8.U” in the sound and the fact that it just sounds so positive is a bit unusual for me as a fan.  Though I’m liking that I hear N, Hyuk, and Hongbin quite a bit and there’s points where Ken & Leo are popping up to you.  Was surprised the chorus is in unison and Ravi’s rap section is kind of covered by the other members too.  Odd song for them.

2. Celebration!!

Next up is Celebration!! and it definitely fits the bill as the upbeat party song with funk vibes and brass and slapbass in the arrangement.  I really like the fun vibes here and funny enough it does give me similar vibes to “Mukae ni Ikou” in the exciting and fun vibes I get.  I do find myself kind of enjoying the song and gives the group some color!

3. Crush My Mind

Of the 5 songs of the mini-album, Crush My Mind is the one that caters to the fans that are used to VIXX’s darker concepts back in Korea.  The song itself isn’t too bad, but I do think it’s somewhat cluttered in the chorus section as it just buzzes by a lot.  I do like the slick feel and Ravi sounds cool whenever he’s up but it doesn’t quite stand up to other songs in their discography.

4. How ’bout you

Cooling things down for the rest of the mini-album, How ’bout you is laidback and smoother for the group and I kind of enjoy the R&B vibes I’m getting here as it showcases the singers’ voices in a more chiller setting (except Ravi, who gave a pretty good rap).  It’s OK for the most part, maybe a little under the interest, but it’s a decent mid-tempo track for them.

5. Saboten

As the final track, I wasn’t expecting acoustic guitar to open the track and be a good portion of the melody here.  Actually the track entirely is quite relaxing and makes me think of sunsets on the beach.  I really liked the soothing sound and hey even Ravi sings in this track (albeit a little rough because he’s in a deeper range than the other members).  Still, I quite liked this and they should do more of this in the future!



I wasn’t expecting VIXX to release a mini-album (and to not include “Hana-Kaze” at that).  Though since the group was still going strong with the whole “Ker” and “Shangri-La” era in Korea, I was hoping for some strong songs here, but it came off as more of middle of the road with Lalala.  None of the songs (bar Celebration!! & Saboten) really have a long-lasting feel to them so it feels somewhat throwaway.  I suppose it was a release, but I mean…it could’ve been worse.


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