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GENERATION 7.5: Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon…there’s more?!? December 20, 2017

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Yeah, it’s that time to return to Pokémon, even if this post might be super short because not a lot were introduced, essentially more Ultra Beasts and an Event Pokémon.

NOTE: If you’re looking for the Lycanroc form and the new Necrozma forms, they’re in the older posts I did from Gen 7!

So let’s get it rollin’!

082: Poipole, 083: Naganadel


Well, we finally have our first evolutionary line of Ultra Beasts with Poipole & Naganadel!  As the main Pokémon that the Ultra Recon Squad uses, Poipole is such a cute one (which can’t really be said about the other UBs).  Though it does finally evolve once it learns Dragon Pulse which is pretty late game to level up to.  Naganadel though is wild being a Poison/Dragon (which I think it shares with Dragalge).  Initially it looks more like a purple Wasp more than anything draconic, but it’s various arts having been providing a better look to it than its Sugumori art.

084: Stakataka


I was shocked USUM was getting more UBs and both of the exclusives were beyond strange (but I can say that for the rest of them except for Poipole).  Stakataka is the exclusive for Ultra Moon and while its typing of Rock/Steel isn’t quite interesting (there’s plenty of Pokémon that has that typing), its just all-around kind of forgetful despite its defenses being pretty decent.  I do think it’s design is wild though (a fortress with eyes huh?).

085: Blacephalon


Ultra Sun’s exclusive though was the more interesting overall, Blacephalon which is a Fire/Ghost (which shares with the Chandelure line, which are AMAZING).  This was so out of left field when it was revealed as it was so colorful and its exclusive move, Mind Blown is neat (big damage for half health).  I love the colors and its Shiny is awesomes too!  Great addition!

086: Zeraora


Anyways, USUM surprisingly had one more Event Pokémon to throw at us (after Magearna & Marshadow) with this pretty cool fursuit…I mean actual Pokémon.  Zeraora is a pure Electric type and for right now it only has a Signature move with Plasma Fists.  It looks pretty edgy and really looks like one I’d use for a long time.  To be honest though it kind of doesn’t feel mythical (but this gens mythicals have been rather lukewarm regardless…

087: Meltan, 088: Melmetal


Even though it hasn’t been clarified if it’s part of the Alola region or not (considering we meet this in Pokémon GO! and the Kanto remakes on the Switch, it’s kind of just there as the newest addition after Zeraora.  This Steel type mythical (the first to have an evolution, sorry Phione/Manaphy), I’m not quite sure how I feel about it and how it’s just found in the Pokémon GO!.  Beyond that, it does learn a lot of Electric attacks but 200 candy just to evolve it is crazy.  Odd way to either close out Gen 7 or even beginning Gen 8…

WILL POKEMON SWITCH BE MORE GEN 7?  Seems like this is the last of Generation 7 though it feels like!


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