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U-KISS – FLY March 4, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. FLY
  2. Beginning
  3. Prologue

1. FLY

As the A-side, FLY starts off somber and slow with Hoon and Kiseop and of course both manage to pretty much stick out vocally for its beginning which is always nice especially for the latter.  The song sounds pretty light, but it does change when Soohyun leads into the chorus which reminds a lot of what K-pop is going through in recent times, but a solid track with some good vocals.  Actually it’s a surprise to hear a lot of Kiseop but its much needed but there’s a reason for that…

2. Beginning

As the first B-side, Beginning starts off differently from previous efforts with an arrangement that’s a little more rockin’ than usual with guitars and drums with some fun synths.  It’s also nice that Jun/Eli sound good in their parts, but the song gets even better with its chorus which keeps the grittiness of the arrangement but added a nice melody to back it up.  It’s a cool song and really does sound good for a B-side.

3. Prologue

A synonym?  Yeah, I thought it was odd that there were two songs that similarly meant the same thing.  Prologue though is different by tapping into a more cute and upbeat kind of song and while I thought the verses were great (especially that Kiseop love here), the chorus is just way too cheesy just like it was back in “Shining Stars” in their last album.  At least this one has a bit more going for it so I’m not totally disliking it.



As the lone single before their next album, “LINK” drops, I was curious to see where U-KISS would do after their main singer of two, Kevin, left the group.  With FLY, it’s decent overall.  I think FLY is trying to make strides in what’s popular in Korea (and to be honest the song does remind of Seventeen’s recent track “Thanks”, though FLY came first so….).  Beginning and Prologue were good songs despite being B-sides and it seems they’ll be on the album too.  I think with Hoon, Soohyun, and Kiseop being the vocalists and Jun/Eli as their rappers…it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of them after this (I’m sure all but Jun are getting close to having to do military enlistments and whatnot).  Still, makes me curious about this album coming up!


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