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Super Junior – On and On March 10, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. On and On
  2. Black Suit (Japanese ver.)
  3. On and On -inst-
  4. Black Suit (Japanese ver.) -inst-

1. On and On

As the lone original track, On and On is an interesting song taking a mid-tempo dance track here.  I wasn’t expecting this after a two year hiatus, but hey this was nice for the group to come back to this.  Of course it seems that Donghae has become a bit of the lead here and I’m not surprised as his vocals are quite good (not as awesome as Yesung, but luckily he has a lot of spotlight too).  The song while not as punchy as “Blue World” was still feels cool and certain parts take from the current sound in Korea so I appreviate that.  Little weird that it ends with a pseudo-rap section between Heechul & Shindong, but overall it’s an OK A-side

2. Black Suit (Japanese ver.)

Of course it wouldn’t really be a SuJu single without one of their Korean songs being translated to Japanese and it’s of course the main promo from their return album, “PLAY”.  When this came out, I was so impressed by how cool and sexy the tune came off and hearing members get some equal time in the field.  Now the Japanese version does mostly feel right and whatnot except for the chorus (but lets be honest, the Korean cut just sounds better).  Either way, it’s a decent conversion



Has it really been close to two years since Super Junior released anything in Japan?  Yeah due to all of the military enlistments and a couple of controversies with some of the members, we finally see Super Junior active and it’s interesting to hear the group without Kyuhyun & Ryeowook (and in a smaller degree Kangin & Sungmin), but I think they’re doing fine after their Korean comeback and now Japanese single comeback.  On and On while not the strongest in their catalog, is a decent song and keeps the group being upbeat while Black Suit well…brought us a classier but upbeat side as well…it’ll be interesting to see where the group lands for their next release.




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