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Wow, almost 10 years…. May 5, 2018

Filed under: ~Announcements~ — solarblade @ 4:08 am

Yeah, even I’m surprised at how much time flew by these 10 years with this blog.  At the beginning, I had just graduated high school and thought this would be a good place for me to just gush about songs and artists and reviewing their discography and recent releases at that time.  During the early-to-mid 2010’s I had basically found new artists through friends, YouTube and other awesome forums and blogs and really found myself becoming enamored.  There was just a lot of J-pop in my life during that period.

However, the last couple years have dwindled a lot because I have a job now and J-pop isn’t too heavy on my radar currently (doesn’t help that a lot of artists that were big are now slowing down in releases and the fact I’m into K-pop nowadays.  Either way, it’s been a crazy ride and while I have no intention to shut this blog down at all, I do feel like I should apologize for not being able to keep up with all the groups that I have reviewed and sticking to artists that I kind of loving during this slow phase.  I love Hello! Project entirely, the big names in J-pop still resonate with and there’s a lot of electro I still love when it comes to J-pop, but other artists, I’ve just fallen off the radar for.

Anyways, back to my main topic….holy shit it’s been 10 YEARS!  I think I should do something special on the 18th right?  Well, I figure…10 years has been a long time and I should see what my thoughts have changed on the album I had reviewed the same time 10 years ago in the month of May, So I’m announcing that I will be “re-reviewing and taking a look back on:

  • Nami Tamaki’s 4 SONY albums; “greeting”, “Make Progress”, “Speciality”, and “Don’t Stay”
  • Ami Suzuki’s 3 avex albums; “AROUND THE WORLD” and “CONNETTA” & “Dolce” (I would do her SONY albums, but literally no thoughts have changed)
  • Perfume’s 1st two albums, “Perfume ~Complete Best~ & “GAME”

I may do more re-reviews in the future (If there’s any you would like to see, comment below and I will definitely take thought to it).


Anyways, thank you my readers past, present, and future…this is a passion of mine and it’s been a wonderful and awesome 10 year running and I hope to continue it to maybe 20? who knows!!!!


6 Responses to “Wow, almost 10 years….”

  1. Naturia Dragonfly Says:

    Quick question, why haven’t you reviewed anything by Miliyah after TRUE LOVERS? D= Anyway…cool site, I enjoy your Ayu and Kumi reviews ^-^;

    • solarblade Says:

      She was one of the many that I just kind of lost interest, but I do recognize she’s had some good songs since then…hopefully I’ll be getting back to reviewing the rest of Ayu/Kuu’s discography this year (hopefully)

  2. Congrats on 10 years!!!!!!! I still visit this blog a few times a week to catch up on new releases. Keep at it! ❤

  3. Vivian Says:

    I’m really glad you’re still doing reviews after all this time. I’ve never commented before but I just want to pop in and say I’ve been reading your reviews since early 2009 and I’m delighted to hear you’ll still be around 🙂

    • solarblade Says:

      Thanks for the appreciation! Yeah, I’m going to try to keep things active and go back to complete some discographies that I had really invested myself into!~

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