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Hello! Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido feat. Manaka Inaba – Hankouki!/Ice day Party May 9, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Hankouki!
  2. Ice day Party
  3. Hankouki! (Instrumental)
  4. Ice day Party (Instrumental)

1. Hankouki!

The first A-side of the single, Hankouki!, is pretty much what I would think a KSS song would sound like just from the guitar chords alone.  I feel like this pretty much just a standard song for them though I do hear Manaka straight up get a solo here over the other girls.  I do like the guitar break in the bridge, but otherwise I would say this is kind of straightforward, not bad, but not terribly memorable?

2. Ice day Party

As for the other half of the single, Ice day Party is definitely a different route than the group’s previous effort, “Real☆Little☆Girl” by taking it more like an upbeat EDM track that’s bouncy and cute.  It’s definitely a song I would see the Kenshuusei sing and it kind of at times, remind me of “Seishun Beat wa 16”.  Still, the Hokkaido girls sound a lot better and vocally viable than they did at their first single.  Maybe, Manaka is another reason why they sound a bit more together too.



Wow, wasn’t expecting the Hokkaido girls to get another single in, but here we are with their 2nd offering!  Though I do have to say that both Hankouki! & Ice day Party were kind of basic of songs for the them, the girls sound better than in “Real☆Little☆Girl / Kanojo ni Naritai!!!”.  Though despite being released back in February (and this review was released in May), Ryo Kitagawa has left sadly and both songs were oddly omitted off the Kenshuusei’s sophomore effort (yet their first song is on it?).