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NCT U – The 7th Sense May 10, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. The 7th Sense

1. The 7th Sense

What an interesting song to debut with!  Starting off mysterious and somehow keeping it throughout the song, The 7th Sense brings back a certain hip-hop vibe that SM used to be close to in the past but went away up until EXO came in.  Anyways, the group seemed to have 2 rappers (Taeyong, Mark) and 3 singers (Ten, Doyoung, Jaehyun).  Though it does feel like the rappers had a bit more oomph for the song as their flow and rapping sticks out the most to me (Taeyong’s raspy low vibes and Mark’s quick flow and youthful sound).  Really, the song is just cool!



Being the debut for NCT (as a whole) and NCT U specifically, I feel like The 7th Sense showcased a really cool and chill vibe here.  Considering the members were all SM ROOKIES that were finally promoted, they came in strong and left their mark.  Though the odd thing is is that NCT U is a rotational unit which means each release contains different members…


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