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Morning Musume ’18 – Are you Happy?/A gonna June 4, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Are you Happy?
  2. A gonna
  3. Are you Happy? (Instrumental)
  4. A gonna (Instrumental)

1. Are you Happy?

As the leading A-side of the two, Are you Happy? seems to have a bit more focus on 12 Gen (a little more about that when I talk about the single) but it seems they get solos in major parts while the normal leads (Sakura, Fukuchan, and Maachan) get some significant lines too.  When I listened to this, I feel like Are you Happy? is a bit all over the map and a little too busy for me to keep up with.  Hell, the buildup to the chorus is just chaos and slightly reminds me of Berryz Kobo’s “1-oku 3-Zenman Sou Diet Oukoku” with the repetition.  I think that part is the only area where I feel like the song kind of falls flat, but the song does have a nice bopping feel.  Still, overall it kind of feels rushed out here…

2. A gonna

Which says a lot because I dug A gonna a lot more than I thought I would instead.  Being the older of the 2 tracks (this one performed as early as the HinaFest this year).  The song itself kind of takes us to a new place by giving the tune more of like a hip-hop/trap groove and that’s what caught me.  Plus, a lovely solo from Sakura was all it needed to catch me.  Not many feel for it because the chorus isn’t a very loud or climatic one, but it’s cool and some of the later parts like the aggressive bridge was surprising (wished it appeared more and not so early).  Though it does feel off that the song isn’t structured like a normal song



Maybe it’s just me, but this single feels incredibly rushed and just oddly timed I guess.  Since this is Ogata’s final single with the group, she barely got anything substantial as a parting gift (she still only has like one solo on this single and it’s on the least liked of the two tracks).  A gonna though is a neat little bop and kind of gets stuck in your head in a while due to the repetitive nature of its chorus.  Still, I can’t help that so far MM’18 hasn’t seemed to impress me with anything too heavily (“Hana ga Saku Taiyou Abite” was alright while “Otenki no Hi no Matsuri” was a giant snorefest of a song).  Can they get back to awesomeness after Haachin leaves?


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