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NCT DREAM – We Young June 10, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. We Young
  2. La La Love
  3. Walk You Home
  4. My Page
  5. We Young (Chinese Version)
  6. Trigger the Fever (bonus track)
  7. We Young (Instrumental)
  8. Trigger the Fever (Instrumental)

1. We Young

After “My First and Last”, I thought NCT DREAM was going to go a slightly more mature route with their music, but We Young went backwards, not quite reaching the levels of “Chewing Gum” but the song is just that amount of cheesy and goofy that makes me raise my eyebrows at it.  It does have a strong summer vibe to it, but there’s just something off about it.  I wasn’t expecting their youngest member Jisung to be rapping alongside Jeno & Mark though.  The song has to grow on me more for me to fully appreciate it, but lord does it sound abrasive.

2. La La Love

I guess the Summer vibes continue with La La Love and it feels a little more appropriate for me tastes as it shows off the group’s cuter side without crossing those lines.  I’m liking the vocals here more too.  I also feel like Haechan is getting better with singing as well as Renjun too!  I do feel like it’s a bit of an hand-swaying in the air kind of track but on the other hand, I don’t really hear Jeno or Jisung here sadly.

3. Walk You Home

More of the same if feels like happens for the next track, Walk You Home but with more acoustic guitar and some solos for Jeno & Jisung XD.  Like I feel like there’s a bit more oomph with this one since there are some rapping lines here, but like I said it’s as if they stripped down “La La Love” slightly and gave more equal line distribution.  Not that impressive.

4. My Page

At least the next track brings up to the dance beats that was set from “We Young” but not quite as hokey.  Actually if it was my choice, I would’ve chosen this as the track to promote since everyone is all over the song and the tune while poppy has a little bit of a mature tone to it.  I kind of dig this one the most on the mini here…just sounds fantasy-like in the right way.

5. We Young (Chinese Version)

Like with both “My First and Last” & “Chewing Gum”, we get a Chinese take of We Young and a language shift wasn’t going to change my thoughts around of the song but reminds me how eh the song actually is to me.  Nothing of importance to really talk about here.

6. Trigger the Fever

So a bonus track appears and its bolded due to it being released as a digital single a couple months before the mini-album was announced & released.  Unlike the other tracks off the mini, Trigger the Fever has more of a pop/rock feel and it doesn’t seem to be a style that NCT DREAM has done so far.  It’s a strong song for everyone but Jeno & Jisung (once again, no solos for them) but I guess it has its place…just an odd track to throw on the mini.



As NCT DREAM’s 1st mini-album, We Young did feel like it had a theme throughout and that’s Summer and it shows with the 4 main songs here.  Though I’m thinking We Young is their weakest lead-in track yet, I feel like they made up for it with My Page.  The other two tracks felt similar to one another and neither left much of an impression on me either and Trigger the Fever while OK for the most part, didn’t really fit here…I guess its OK for their first release with more than 1 new track, but lets have more Jeno & Jisung OK?


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