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Let’s talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate June 25, 2018

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Wow it’s that time again to check out the first news about the newest Smash Bros. game that will be released for the Switch on Dec. 7th, 2018.  So shall we get into all the info that ended up coming out (which is hella lots!).


So, Sakurai basically announced that EVERY character has returned for this iteration of the game and even better a LOT of them (if not all of them has had some change big or small dealt to them), but lets get to the big ones the returned!

Ice Climbers, Young Link, Pichu, PKMN Trainer (Squirtle, Ivysaur), Wolf, Snake


So I picked these 6 out because they were the only veterans that were left off from Smash for Wii U (& 3DS) (minus Charizard) and the former 3 missed out on Smash Brawl and the game that followed.

It’s nice to see Ice Climbers return due to the fact they couldn’t make it to Smash 4 because of the 3DS limitations and whatnot.  When it comes to Pichu & Young Link they kind of were clones so I was here nor there, but I’m really excited to see them because Pichu while still a clone (and for some reason not an Echo fighter (something I’ll mention later) has its unique shtick of injuring itself from its own electricity.  Young Link though is more of an odd one because he’s the 3rd Link in the game but it seems Y. Link is different enough from regular Link & Toon Link to also escape being an Echo fighter as well.

Then we have PKMN Trainer return with Charizard returning as the powerful one next to Squirtle & Ivysaur.  Seems like the transition from switching out is a lot quicker and there’s no negatives like the stamina meter from Brawl to hinder any of them!

Wolf returning was no surprise as besides the Ice Climbers was one of the more requested veterans to return (after Mewtwo, Roy, and Lucas).  Still it’s awesome to see his return and he looks great and vicious and ready for a new fight!

Though the biggest surprise was them being able to bring back Snake!  It’s really mostly due to all the drama that Konami and Hideo Kojima had gone through and just the thought of the troubles it’d cause for Sakurai and his team to deal with so I’m elated to see his return the most out of the 6…though what’s interesting is that he’s the only one whose series symbol changed (in Brawl it was the FOXHOUND insignia, but now its a simple Exclamation Point.

That said, this is everyone that ever was and have been in a Super Smash Bros. game and I’m just so excited for it…but like the trailer they showed earlier this year, there was going to be new characters so let’s meet them!



So let’s get to the 1st character to be announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate!  Inklings were added first and its no surprise because the Splatoon! series has blown up since the first was released on the Wii U (unfortunately not making the time cut for Wii U/3DS).  Though we finally got our first look of our new character in the trailer and their unique shtick is the Ink which they can use to cover their opponents and make their attacks stronger, though they do have fill up with ink when it’s all used up.  Honestly, they look like a great fit and will definitely fit with the rest of the cast!



So midway through the direct, we were noted that Lucina & Dark Pit had the Epsilon letter next to them and Sakurai had mentioned that these characters are called Echo Fighters (fighters that closely resemble their original character like Lucina to Marth and Dark Pit to Pit.  Then he just casually announces a new character and it’s Daisy!  Of course just by looks, she’s an Echo Fighter to Peach and shares a lot of similarities.  Honestly, it’s more or less to me, I mean Peach is great, but Daisy getting her spot (over Waluigi who is still an Assist Trophy, just feels odd).  Though it made me wonder why Young Link, Pichu, and Dr. Mario didn’t get the mark, but it seems Bill Trinen said that those three are different enough from their originals to I guess not fit in that category. We’ll see where she adds up to, but like Lucina & Dark Pit…it’s just meh?



Though let’s be honest, the BIGGEST surprise was at the end of the presentation where Sakurai announced one more surprise and BOY was it a surprise indeed!  Yep, it’s finally time they had figured somehow to work Ridley into the game and what beast he is!  Not sure if he has a distinct concept like many of the Smash 4 roster or Inklings, but he’s a big character with long reach (especially with his tail).  It’s just great to see him finally making his first playable appearance…though it does make me question ONE thing which I’ll get to soon.


Currently, there’s a LOT of stages as in like over 80 stages found just from the Direct, E3 demo, and the official website, so I thought it’d be better just to name off the ones that haven’t been found quite yet!

From 64

  • Kongo Jungle – Well, it was in the last game, so I wouldn’t be surprise if it’s going to be in the game because its already fit enough for the Switch version by making small upgrades!  Plus it seems Sakurai went in and changed the names of some levels like Kongo Jungle in Melee is now Kongo Falls so its to assume that this level is more than likely going to make a return.
  • Peach’s Castle – This stage was also in Smash 4, though it was DLC…still I think its bound to make a return as well!  It’s different enough from the Princess Peach’s Castle from Melee right???
  • Planet Zebes – Ahh!  So this is one of the couple of stages that I’m actually kind of unsure about making a return!  It mostly stems from the fact that Brinstar of Melee kind of replaced it because the only difference between the two are the breakable tendrils and cells that are on Brinstar but not on Planet Zebes, but otherwise the two stages are the same mostly!  So this is why I’m kind of uncertain about seeing it make the cut!
  • Sector Z – The same can be said for this Star Fox stage!  It would be eventually sized down some and turned into Melee’s Corneria.  So the difference mostly comes down to the size (and there’s no lower platform where the front laser cannon is) OH and the dark space backdrop as well.  I could see this return only if they keep the size huge!
  • Mushroom Kingdom – One of the fan favorites, Mushroom Kingdom is in the middle of the list for me because I feel like they would need to figure out the Pipe situation…but I don’t think that’s too much a big problem???  I don’t know, it’s odd that we haven’t seen this stage return.

From Melee

  • Brinstar Depths – Kind of an odd one to begin with, this stage I think would have to be reworked entirely to fit the new engine, especially to fit in Kraid and his attacks to make the platforms rotate.  I’m sure this might be getting added, but we’ll see!
  • Fountain of Dreams – What an odd stage to leave out right?  I mean yeah, it’s basically Battlefield with a splash of Kirby paint and side platforms that rise and fall.  Still, it’s one of the best looking Melee stages and shame that it hasn’t returned thus far, I kind of want to see it back!
  • Icicle Mountain – Despite that I like Summit more as the Ice Climber’s stage, this is where it all kind of begun and I do partially want to see it return…maybe fix the speed of the moving up or down bits, but It’s an OK stage.
  • Mushroom Kingdom (Melee) – It took me a while to remember what the stage looked like because I remembered Kingdom II more.  After watching it, I mean it’s a LOT like the first one from Smash 64, minus the transporting pipes so there might be a cause of redundancy if it’s included alongside, but this also may be the easier one to work with.  Or they’ll somehow mash the two together to make one?
  • Poké Floats – With Pichu returning, I feel like it’d be nice to give him (or her) this stage because it’s based around 2nd Generation and it fits the character.  Not much was problematic on a visual point so it could be easily brought back too!  Well, that is until you think that all stages are getting a Battlefield / Final Destination and Poké Floats doesn’t have much of a flat platform (morbid to think you’d fight on a Pokémon cut in half XD).
  • Rainbow Cruise – Nothing seems to be holding this stage back it seems since the last time we saw was indeed in Brawl.  Moving stages it seems to be odd to bring back, but I did somewhat like this one and it would work!
  • Yoshi’s Island (Melee) – Like with Rainbow Cruise, is there anything really holding it back?  I feel like it’s just a matter of time before they show it off because its such a well-known stage and last time we saw it was in Smash 4 sooo, just a quick move over is all it needs.
  • Mute City – Definitely was a fun stage to fight at, has been a while since we’ve seen it last, but considering Port Town: Aero Dive exists and a new version of Mute City on the 3DS (that uses the original SNES graphics) it’s hard to tell where this one lies.

From Brawl

  • Delfino Plaza – Another traveling stage, no reason why they didn’t show off Delfino Plaza, so I’m sure it’ll make a return it’s just when will they show it off.
  • Mario Bros. – If they do bring this stage back they really need to work on those Shellcreepers & Sidesteppers and drop their knockback a WHOLE lot because that’s what kind of ruined the stage for me on top of the closed space it feels like it has.  It’s definitely a retro stage and memorable, but please drop the knockback!
  • Hanenbow – The only stage to have a symbol that doesn’t pertain to a character, Hanenbow was an oddball stage being from Electroplankton and using its own elements to make music.  It’s definitely an odd stage and seeing it return would be neat, but like Poké Floats, how would a Battlefield / Omega stage look?
  • Rumble Falls – Moving stage of course, seems like there’s a lot missing huh despite that there’s some already in (like Port Town: Aero Dive).  Rumble Falls is unusual with it’s vertical-ish movement and there are some things that I’d like toned down (like the purple spikes), but I could see it coming back.
  • Mushroomy Kingdom 1-2 – So a lot of people have kind of glossed over it, but yeah I have to mention the underground level from Mushroomy Kingdom.  Yeah the 1-1 version is confirmed to have returned, but nothing was shown for this one which I guess many people forgot existed because while 1-1 was on the Smash 4 3DS, it was by itself.  It would be nice to see this packed in again (and maybe made separate to at least make it more noticeable?
  • Pirate Ship – Was in Smash 4 as DLC so I expect this to make a return.

From Smash 4 3DS

  • Dream Land
  • Golden Plains
  • Mute City
  • Rainbow Road
  • Paper Mario

For all of these, it’s just a matter of transferring them and updating the graphics to suit the Switch.  Honestly though, I can see all of these return (Paper Mario I could see getting an overhaul on the stage though too, since it could use more transformations (and fixing that Bowser Castle section).

From Smash 4 Wii U

  • Gamer
  • Jungle Hijinxs
  • Orbital Gate Assault
  • Woolly World
  • Windy Hill Zone

These 5 I have the least worries, but they all have something to bring and should be the easiest to bring back.

  • Pyrosphere – The problem with Pyrosphere isn’t exactly the stages fault but with Ridley now being a part of the playable cast seeing him as a Boss on the stage AND a fighter just doesn’t quite mesh well.  I mean they could leave it and just say because, but I feel like Sakurai could take out Boss Ridley and just leave the FG II-Grahams, Joulions, and Zeros and leave it at that too.  Though Mega Man’s stage still has Yellow Devil so it’s really up in the air.
  • Miiverse – I think the one that has the least amount of coming back though is Miiverse with well the Miiverse ending for one thing and the one gimmick that made the stage what it is non-existant now leaves it basically being a Battlefield with a different look.  I guess it could come back if the pictures were like the best-of Miiverse, but I doubt Nintendo would take the effort to sift through all of that (mixed in with all those memes).

Miscellaneous Stages

  • Battlefield & Final Destination – Now we know every confirmed stage so far is getting a Battlefield and Final Destination variation but how about some representation of its own accord?  As in get all the BF and FDs from past Smashes from 64 to now?  I think that’d be a nice throw-in and a nice run through the history of the series!
  • Meta Crystal – While this stage has never been playable in any format, it would be a super cool addition since it’d harken from the 64 era.  Simple stage though so it might not even happen…
  • Hole, Bath, Maze – Say what you will at how terrible Hole & Bath are, but these were stages brought in to promote the Stage Builder that was in Brawl and it was in every game (despite that you can delete/edit them).  I think it would be neat to see them retur just because it showcased an important feature in Brawl.
  • Flat Zone, Flat Zone 2, Flat Zone X – What’s weird is that one of these stages has been confirmed but because of how these stages work, its unknown to which of the 3 it is.  Honestly, I don’t see all 3 of these returning because it was be a bit redundant to me.  I could see Flat Zone X just because its a mish-mash of the Melee/Brawl stage but he could also end up just adding Flat Zone and Flat Zone 2 as separate stages, just not all 3 at the same time, but I can be surprised…
  • PictoChat, PictoChat 2 – Unlike the Flat Zones, both PictoChats had different features going on that didn’t cross into each other so they could technically add both to the game…or just keep 2.


  • Moray Towers – So of course Inkling would have to have a stage since it is the first newcomer revealed and Moray Towers is definitely an interesting level to say the least due to the upward climb of the level and accordion-esque look too.  It is interesting though that you can run up and down the levels too!  Interesting stage design though.
  • Great Plateau Tower – Then we have our new stage to represent Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild here with the Great Plateau Dog which is one huge raised tower with a mini tower placed in the middle that can be destroyed and be rebuilt.  It does look slightly basic, but LoZ stages mostly have been (Hyrule Castle, Bridge of Eldin, and Gerudo Valley).  Though overall it’s nice to represent.
  • New Donk City – Also there’s Super Mario Odyseey being represented too, nothing much has been shown off other than Mario landing in front of Pauline and her band…but still, it’s great to see it…it could be by itself or even a traveling stage (appropriate since Odyssey was about traveling to different Kingdoms and whatnot).

That’s it for Smash News…there’s a lot more to come in the next 6 months so stay tuned and I’ll keep up with it!


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