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Up Up Girls – Joujou do Konjou/Be a Girl June 25, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Joujou do Konjou
  2. Be a Girl
  3. Startline (Regular A only)
  4. Ichiban Girls! 2017 (Regular B only)
  5. Be a Girl (Dr. Usui remix) (Regular C only)
  6. Joujou do Konjou (Instrumental)
  7. Be a Girl (Instrumetnal)

1. Joujou do Konjou

As the leading A-side, Joujou do Konjou starts off cool and with Japanese instruments alongside Maana!  Though the song definitely gives me a mix of ska and the traditional Japanese instruments which is pretty awesomes!  I definitely get the feeling of fun and excitement with this one and hearing Morisaki and Sekki’s rap is quite something too!  Otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward for an idol song but I dug it.  Hell, Azusa’s slow line in the 2nd verse was so impressive and Manami is coming up as a singer too!  Yeah, decent track!

2. Be a Girl

The other A-side featured, Be a Girl sounds more like the stuff the group have been releasing in recent times bringing more of a electropop style to the single and like “Joujou do Konjou” feels straightforward of a song like “Kimi to Iu Kasetsu” before it, but it sounds clean and the beats are catchy.  Nice song overall and one that will stick out for me.

3. Startline

So each of the 3 editions have their own B-side and starting with this one, the song actually isn’t even new really.  This track actually was originally a solo track for Ayano Sato before she graduated so the song itself was just purely given to the group for the single.  A song that I really wasn’t too into originally just slightly gets better with the variation of the line distribution.  It’s OK, but nothing too spectacular.

4. Ichiban Girls! 2017

Regular B also got a song that got updated and it’s a self-cover of one of their A-sides off their 7th single.  Like “Startline” though, the song wasn’t updated arrangement-wise just the fact the line distribution was changed around because Sengoku & Sato are gone.  The tune itself is still loud with a HEAVY amount of percussion and the tune is more for the live performances (because it’s a great crowd pleaser).

5. Be a Girl (Dr. Usui remix)

Why does the melody of the remix at the beginning sound exactly like Lee Brotherton’s “Dreams of an Absolution”?  Anyways, the last track on the single is a remix for Be a Girl and it takes the song into more of an electronic track and has a bit more oomph about it compared to the original’s arrangement which means I kind of dug it more.  It doesn’t do anything too out of the ordinary.  Decent remix!



So Up Up Girls are only releasing one single prior to their 5th album huh?  I guess so, but I have to say the single is mostly OK, nothing too grandworthy to fully stand out amongst their big catalogue of songs.  Joujou do Konjou feels standard, but in a good way while Be a Girl is a safer track when compared to their other electro tracks.  The B-sides are eh…just some updated songs and a remix so it’s nothing big here.  Will say that I’m happy that this album will have mostly new songs on it though!


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