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pLumsonic! – colorful capacitor July 8, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. colorful capacitor
  2. Shinjuku meteoroid
  3. Bad dream, Mad world
  4. Curiosity
  5. Little Mutant
  7. Yumeiro Teleportation
  8. Dennou Cubism
  9. esora.
  10. Mikakunin Creation

1. colorful capacitor

As the album’s first track and title track, I was ready to see what pLumsonic! were up to and it’s more of the futuristic synth pop that I’ve come to enjoy from the duo.  I will say it does remind me of “Soryuushi Macrophage” from their previous album with the kind of techno, yet flowing sound of it.  I just like the feeling of the song and Yuu sounds nice if not just the same as she was in previous releases.

2. Shinjuku meteroid

Moving into the next track, I easily got an 80’s new wave kind of feel from this track.  This one has a bit more of a unique arrangement behind it that includes a lower synth sound and some 80’s-ish blips and bloops.  It’s definitely a cool sound and Yuu once again fits the mood…I’d say it’s better than “colorful capacitor”.

3. Bad dream, Mad world

Next track in and we have our 8-bit track with Bad dream, Mad world and boy does sound nice!  Of course there’s some regular flowing synths to kind of fill out the spaces, but the song just kind of brings in more of the pLumsonic! that I kind of dig even if the song does start to drag towards the end.

4. Curiosity

Next song up definitely is giving me some “Atomic-girl” vibes from the synthwork from Yasushi.K but I think it’s fine for this song but considering this was a style that is all over their work, it does kind of fly over my head.  I do think the song is kind of cute and cool in places, but otherwise it doesn’t leave much of an impression otherwise.

5. Little Mutant

I wasn’t expecting cute to be further pushed with the next track Little Mutant as it’s bouncy and Yuu is trying for that genki style for this one.  I’m not sure what to think about this track as it feels strange on the album but yet familiar enough that it has that pLumsonic! vibe.  I just don’t know about this one.


Moving on, AEQUORIN pulls us back into more of the futuristic setting that “colorful capacitor” opened up with but there’s a little bit of a electropop groove to it that kind of reminds me of old D-TOPIA acts like Aira Mitsuki here.  It’s chill and cool and does a nice job after messing things with “Little Mutant”.

7. Yumeiro Teleportation

As the album’s shortest song (under 3 minutes), Yumeiro Teleportation is kind of a throwback as well to some of their past works, this one slightly reminding me of “CodeName “yuu.”.  The tune kind of flew over my head though, but because of the short length I felt like it worked for the best here.

8. Dennou Cubism

Next track up, Dennou Cubism moves the BPM a little more up and it’s a track I could dance too quite easily versus others on the album!  I mean it doesn’t totally stand out from the album and it gets samey towards the end, but the song is danceable and Yuu sounds good still.

9. esora.

I was curious when I first started our next track, esora. being curious to what this song would bring.  All I hear in the beginning is a muffled synth melody, but it grows the longer it goes into something I would compare to “Shinjuku meteoroid” with the lower synth line and syncopated style coming from Yuu.  It’s kind of cool and brings the cold electronic vibes.  Nice!

10. Mikakunin Curation

Ending the album off, Mikakunin Curation is more or less the sound this album has been mostly on about and that could be good or bad depending on your outlook on the album.  Personally, the song kind of passes me by with no impression, but I suppose it’s an appropriate ending to the album, but just doesn’t stick to me with similar electropop vibes and whatnot.

Tracks Recommended

  • Shinjuku meteroid
  • esora.
  • Bad dream, Mad world

Song of Avoidance

  • Little Mutant

As the duo’s 5th studio album, colorful capacitor to me is just pLumsonic! being quite confident in their sounds and style in comparison to the previous albums!  Though that being said, maybe they’re also getting a little too comfortable with their sound because a lot of the songs sounded slightly samey here (something I felt with their last album as well).  Not bad, but could be better.


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