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EXO – Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ July 21, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~
  2. Drop that
  3. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~ -less vocal-
  4. Drop that -less vocal-

1. Love Me Right ~romantic universe~

As EXO’s first A-side, it wasn’t a surprise to me that the leading track was going to be a simple Japanese cut of one of their Korean tracks.  As it’s the first song to be without Tao (as he left the group), Love Me Right was a smidge more like what we heard of from “Call Me Baby” but this song is a bit more funkier and upbeat which is impressive.  I have to say, hearing D.O., Baekhyun, and Chen together just sounds so awesome and the rest of the group follows suit as well.  It’s definitely a fun track, though there’s plenty of other EXO songs that I LOVE!

2. Drop that

As for the B-side, it’s nice that Lay opens things up to this kind of upbeat dance/rock track and the verse starts with a rap from Chanyeol & Kai.  The song just hits harder than “Love Me Right”, but it also kind of comes off as a song that’s better suited for concerts as it pumps the crowd up quite fiercely.  Definitely not what I was expecting from EXO, but nice for a B-side



As EXO’s first foray into the Japanese market, it seems a little odd they came in midway of the careers (y’know without Kris, Luhan, and Tao) and missed kind of the big beginnings the group has had like “MAMA”, “History”, “Wolf”, and even “Growl” & “Call Me Baby” but to kickoff with one of their weaker lead-in songs, Love Me Right.  The song is decent, but it doesn’t quite compare to those other tracks IMO.  Drop that is alright, I guess they needed that crowd-pleasing track to energize everyone…Overall, decent debut in Japan, but I think they should have debuted way earlier here.


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