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UVERworld – ODD FUTURE July 22, 2018

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Track Listing

  2. PLOT
  4. ODD FUTURE (short ver.)


As the leading song to promote the anime, My Hero Academia, ODD FUTURE definitely had to show up since the anime is pretty big right now and this song is pretty different after coming off from “TYCOON”.  The tune isn’t quite as hardcore as I was expecting UVERworld to normally pull off and instead we get a lighter affair of a song that slightly eye-raising and yet so totally them.  Most of the interesting things revolve around TAKUYA’s vocal style (and that cool robo filter).  It’s definitely their poppiest song in recent times but I really dug this for some reason!


Let’s just clap it up for our first B-side, PLOT and I guess to make up for how light “ODD FUTURE” is, PLOT is more aggressive sounding and TAKUYA’s growling and aggressive singing just pulls me back to what UVERworld is well-known for!  Other than the synths in the song, PLOT sounds like a track that just missed the cut from “TYCOON” because it’s loud and has that overall feel!  Cool track!


I see this title and instantly wondered if it had anything to do with “CORE PRIDE”.  Unfortunately, I really couldn’t tell you one way or another because the song is entirely an instrumental track (which is nothing new to UVER fans).  There are some chanting going on, but otherwise there’s no vocal lines from TAKUYA so I’m left with the band just jamming out (even Seika joins in with some cool sax lines of his own).



This single comes out at an odd time because it’s coming out before their next best album (though the A-side does make their digital best ironically) but I suppose there’s a chance it won’t make the next album?  Either way, ODD FUTURE is definitely an interesting step for the band since the track is poppy and not hard-hitting like some of their previous singles.  That’s where PLOT comes in with the harder sound I’m used to from UVERworld and it’s OK, B-side material though.  Then there’s CORE STREAM which is here nor there, shows the band jamming out and that’s always cool to hear.  Overall, nice single and good follow-up after “TYCOON”.


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