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Kobushi Factory – Kitto Watashi wa/Naseba Naru July 29, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Kitto Watashi wa
  2. Naseba Naru
  3. Kitto Watashi wa (Instrumental)
  4. Naseba Naru (Instrumental)

1. Kitto Watashi wa

As the leading A-side, this is surprisingly Tsunku’s first time doing a song for Kobushi Factory and it shows because this song sounds a lot different than what Kobushi is quite known for so far in their discography.  I think the last actual poppy song they did was “Samba! Kobushi Janeiro” and that was kind of like the black sheep off their first album.  It is an interesting song though with bounce and the quintet sounding a little different from past singles!  I do like the small rapping parts within the song and it does have a couple parts with electric guitar, but this is kind of like the feelgood summer track and I enjoyed that about this one!

2. Naseba Naru

As for the other A-side, Naseba Naru is a LOT like their previous ballad, “Kobushi no Hana” from their first album!  Actually there’s a lot of similarities I could place between the two besides the change of members because it has the same pop/rock/strings sound and the chorus is kind of full-sounding with all 5 members.  Besides the good vocalwork though, I really can’t remember much out of this song.  Maybe it’s a little too close to sounding like “Kobushi no Hana”…



As the 2nd single as a quintet, Kitto Watashi wa/Naseba Naru is not quite as decent as their previous single due to mostly the fact that Naseba Naru is kind of a ballad they’ve already done before and it’s just a bit plain to me.  Though, I do like Kitto Watashi wa with its Summer vibes and fun sound despite being a bit not the usual for Kobushi Factory.  I kind of wonder what’s next though (especially with 2 unreleased songs in their collection at the moment).