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Ai Otsuka – Dracaena October 5, 2018

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Track Listing

  1. Dracaena
  2. Akkanbe
  3. RounD
  4. Dracaena (Instrumental)
  5. Akkanbe (Instrumental)
  6. RounD (Instrumental)

1. Dracaena

After waiting for quite sometime after it’s short version was digitally released, Dracaena finally has a physical release and what I have known about the song was that it was more of a ballad for Ai-chin.  It’s been a while since I’ve heard Ai’s voice sound so heavenly against such a simple arrangement.  The song though is still a bit of a slow burner for me as it doesn’t quite heave the feelings like previous efforts had.

2. Akkanbe

Another song that was released digitally before finding its place here on the single, Akkanbe is a bit more upbeat than “Dracaena” but it definitely reminds me of songs in her first 3 albums with being poppy and just cute and bouncy.  It’s simple, but I feel like this could’ve been more effective as an album song?

3. RounD

That leaves us with the actual new track for this single and it definitely sticks out amongst the other two having a bit more synth effects used in the arrangement.  It’s definitely an ethereal track for Ai, maybe a little bit like something from her “LOVE TRiCKY” album.  It sounds spacious and Ai just sounds heavenly throughout the song…a lot more memorable than the other two tracks!



As the single preceding her best album, “Ai am BEST, too”, Dracaena just kind of came out of nowhere especially since 2/3rds of the single were digital singles to begin with.  Both the A-side and Akkanbe were OK songs, but they weren’t quite as memorable as RounD ended up being.  Definitely 3 sides of Ai-chan that she excels at at least so the single is good.


2 Responses to “Ai Otsuka – Dracaena”

  1. xxyx Says:

    Interestingly, “RounD” isn’t exactly a new track either. It’s a self-cover of a song she originally wrote and composed for Shiori Tomita’s debut album “Moshi Moshi World” in 2015.

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