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Let’s talk about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3! November 5, 2018

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And here we are, one month out from the game’s release and we had our final Smash Bros. Direct where Sakurai finalized the base roster and went over things like the Spirits mode, Online, a lot of the menu items, some leftover Assist Trophies and a peek into the single player mode, World of Light.  Let’s focus though on what I usually like talking about the remaining characters and ATs.

Ken Masters


The last of the Echo fighters, this was a given that Ken would be a Ryu Echo just because of the characters’ history together being clones initially to something more separate these days.  Ken focuses a lot with his kicks and it shows with majority of his moves.  Like Ryu though, he does have two supers and probably like Ryu, in 1-on-1 battles will face the character they are going against.  Add on some flame effects and you have Ken.  Personally, this was the most easiest to guess to join and he did get leaked a couple months back too…still way easy…been more interesting if it was Akuma, but he’s too busy in Tekken 7.



Honestly, I was pulling my mind trying to decide if I wanted to talk about the Grinch Leak (you know, the banner leak that said Ken, Shadow, Isaac, Chorus Kids, Mach Rider, Geno, and Banjo & Kazooie were going to be our last characters), well it was pretty much debunked in a quick way when they revealed the last character for the main roster, Incineroar (which was leaked with Ken as the “box theory”).  Honestly, I was hoping it was Decidueye, but Incineroar does bring in a new grappler motif and from what we saw of it, Incineroar is pretty unique with his grapples!

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant

Though I think no one had predicted this happening, as a kind of bonus DLC, Sakurai and his craziness announced one more character in the direct which is the Piranha Plant.  I actually wasn’t expecting him to break his rule of generic baddies making the cut until now.  From what we’ve seem, he seems to be pretty technical and brings an interesting moveset to the game.  Still, a Piranha Plant???  Yeah, I’m ready for this.


So before the reveal of Piranha Plant, Sakurai talked about DLC and how it’ll be released which is 5 packs (includes 1 new character, a new stage, and music!).  They will be released in a span of about a year so that’s interesting and no, Piranha Plant doesn’t count so in the end we’ll have 6 DLC characters!  Also some interesting tidbits

  • None of the DLC characters will be Echo Fighters (which begs the question of if there is any, will it be a part of these packs or just separate).
  • Unfortunately characters from newer games like ARMS & Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are out because the former Springman is an Assist Trophy and the latter with Rex being a Mii Costume so the DLC may be more 3rd Parties/Ballot Frontrunners.
  • Stages will officially top off at 108 stages with 80 playable characters…GET IT!

Assist Trophies, Pokeball, and Items

So we have some last minute additions to ATs so let’s talk about them!

  • Yuri Kosukata – Hailing from the Fatal Frame series, Yuri comes out and takes pictures which freezes opponents (and maybe poisons them?).
  • Isaac – While he was an AT back in Smash Bros. Brawl, he went missing in Smash 4 but makes his return here having a bit more flexibility in using his Push psynergy by adding grabs and fist slams.
  • Black Knight – This Fire Emblem antagonist, comes out and walks around swinging his sword at opponents close enough to him.  Also ignores strikes to him as well.
  • Thwomp – One of the many baddies in the Super Mario series, he does what he always does, falls on the opponent when they’re underneath its shadow.
  • Springman – From the ARMS series, Springman jumps out and throws out some punches before ending with a super move (a flurry of punches).
  • Wily Capsule – The main antagonist from the legendary Mega Man games, Dr. Wily rides in a capsule that attacks by orbs with different effects and teleports around as well.  If you destroy it, he falls and starts to bow in defeat.  (Also sad that Elec-Man is gone).
  • Flies & Hand – Originally from Mario Paint and as recently as Super Mario Maker, the Flies and Hand make an appearance in the same fashion it always has in its games.  The hand goes around trying to kill off the flies but will attack characters too.
  • Tiki – Another FE character, she transforms into a dragon and breathes fire (though I have a feeling she does more than that).
  • Vince – This character from the Art Academy series draws pictures on top of the opponents to kind of hide away their attacks?  It’s like the nintendog Assist Trophy but not full-screen.
  • Guile – From the Street Fighter series, Guile comes out and kneels (and turtles) and releases a Flash Kick. I do wonder if he does Sonic Boom if no one is nearby.
  • Akira Yuki – Probably the closest to a fighter, Akira comes out and starts to attack characters with his fists and elbows and kicks.  He also is donning his original blocky look.


  • Tapu Koko – For the first time, the Assist Trophies actually outweigh the Pokémon this time and the last of them to be revealed, Tapu Koku just kind of tackles with electricity.


  • Healing Sprout – Initially everyone was going crazy because they thought this item came from Golden Sun as the Growth Psynergy, but as it turns out it’s nothing like that being a healing item that works similarly to the Gooey Bomb, but it heals instead lol.
  • Beastball – The last item to be announced, the Beastball when you pick it up and throw it will disappear and reappear hitting an opponent.


Honestly, we’ll see how the game plays when it releases in early December!