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Up Up Girls – Ai Ai Fire!!/Watashitachi (with friend) January 13, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Ai Ai Fire!!
  2. Watashitachi (with friend)
  3. Ai Ai Fire!! (Instrumental)
  4. Watashitachi (with friend) (Instrumental)

1. Ai Ai Fire!!

As the leading A-side, Ai Ai Fire!! I thought would be edgy and rockin’ and while it’s got electric guitars in its arrangement, the song is upbeat and has a strong party atmosphere.  It’s bouncy and has a pretty nice chant-line to it which is nice for lives that’s for sure!  Considering this is the 3rd A-side to have the group at 5-nin, I was pretty sure that the loss of Sengoku & Satou didn’t leave a big mark because it gave the remaining four (that weren’t Saho) a LOT more presence in the song and they’ve grown to be great performers!  A fun song for the group!

2. Watashitachi (with friend)

Now if you don’t remember, Watashitachi was actually the final track off their latest album “5th Album (Kakko Kari)”.  Likewise, when I reviewed that earlier in 2018, that song was probably the one that flew over my head real easily because it was the only non-EDM track off that album and it kind of was an odd way to finish it out (even if it was otherwise appropriate).  I was surprised that it was brought back as an A-side, but it was slightly edited more of a natural sound with band instruments and harmonica as the recognizable changes on top of their backing band providing group vocals too.  The song still kind does nothing for me, but it’s nice they do have a track like this among that multitude of crazy dance tracks.



UUG kicks off their 6th era with an alright single, a little small considering the last couple of singles they’ve dropped but simple regardless.  Ai Ai Fire!! is another song of theirs that’ll definitely be played a lot from me as it’s exciting and fun to listen to while the updated version of Watashitachi is cute and sentimental for them so its fair that it got a nice touch up.  Interesting to see where this era goes!


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