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Utada Hikaru – Face My Fears January 18, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Face My Fears (Japanese Version)
  2. Chikai
  3. Face My Fears (English Version)
  4. Don’t Think Twice

1. Face My Fears (Japanese Version)

Opening the single up is of course the song used as the intro for Kingdom Hearts III and boy does seem like it steps outside of what “Hikari” and “Passion” did previously.  I really do love how the song starts off slowly and kind of in a somber light before it builds itself into this dubsteppy breakdown that kind of makes the mood feel uncomfortable and off the wall and I kind of enjoy that switch of moods.  Then again it’s no surprise that the song was produced by Skrillex of American fame here.  It feels like such an odd pairing, but I kind of dug the track even if it doesn’t quite live up to the dynasty that the previous Kingdom Hearts themes had.

2. Chikai

Which seems to kind of how I feel about Chikai despite this being an actual separate song used as the ending theme of the game (kind of weird we won’t be getting an orchestral version of “Face My Fears” right)?  With the time I’ve had with this song since her album, “Hatsukoi” last year, Chikai is still kind of an odd song, mostly because of the rhythm here, but the moodiness and sentimentality of the track kind of stuck out to me and I thought Hikki sounded very nice here.  Fitting song for the franchise!

3. Face My Fears (English Version)

No surprise that the single would also include English takes on both themes and great to have prior to the game’s release.  Really not much to say here but I mean it’s still sung pretty well from Hikki and at least I can understand this lyrically.  There’s just something mysterious about this song and I just love it!

4. Don’t Think Twice

Yeah, this is the US title for “Chikai” and its just until now that we finally get its English variant and I’m pretty happy to see this as I feel like the emotions carry better here.  I think Hikki also had a bit more time to really get the lyrics right for the game.  It’s just a pretty song and it’s another ballad that ended up sticking to me.



Wow has it been over 10 years since Hikki released an actual physical single (not counting that odd U3 single).  Of course, this is a pretty big deal because this is the single to promote the theme songs for Kingdom Hearts III and that was more than enough to warrant a single!  I have to say that both Face My Fears and Don’t Think Twice are pretty appropriate and decent songs to serve the game and the Japanese cuts are on equal ground as well versus the US/JP differences between the KH1 & KH2 themes.  I just hope this puts a fire into Hikki and she can return to releasing singles!


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