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AAA – Egao no Loop January 25, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Egao no Loop
  2. Egao no Loop (Instrumental)
  3. Gasshou Egao no Loop [Suzukake Jidou Gasshoudan]
  4. Gasshou Egao no Loop [Suzukake Jidou Gasshoudan] (Instrumental)

1. Egao no Loop

As the group’s first single of the year, Egao no Loop seems to really pull back and gives us a ballad this time around.  I’m not sure where AAA has been going in these last couple of A-sides with being softies and less being powerhouses, but Egao no Loop is just kind of a background song for me.  Hidaka still sounds a bit brazen in his lines, but everyone else sounds soft and fluffy with this kind of wintry piano/strings ballad.  Still, the song just doesn’t do much for me.

2. Gasshou Egao no Loop [Suzukake Jidou Gasshoudan]

Adding a chorale does not help the situation here and the song is still rather unfortunately boring to me so this is a case of just making a mediocre song even worse in my honest opinion.  It is something new that AAA hasn’t tried, but not for a song like this.



I wonder if AAA is on its last heels here, especially since everyone is doing their own solo works during the last half of 2018, it feels like Egao no Loop was just kind of a throwaway song to string fans for a bit while they continue on their solo endeavors.  Not sure what the group will drop next, so I’ll be watching out.


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