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Super Junior – One More Time February 2, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. One More Time (Otra Vez) feat. REIK
  2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!
  3. Make You Smile
  4. One More Time (Otra Vez) -Inst-
  5. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!! -Inst-
  6. Make You Smile -Inst-

1. One More Time (Otra Vez) feat. REIK

I’m not sure what happened but it seems lately that Super Junior has been quite loving the latin pop side of things with both “Lo Siento” and this track and also enjoying collaborating with other artists as well.  While I’m surprised they chose this to given the KOR to JPN experience over the aforementioned song, but this is something alright.  Also Ryeowook is back and it’s a good time (now we wait for Kangin, Sungmin, and Kyuhyun).  Anyways One More Time sounds like it is following the popularity from “Despacito” it feels.  Though I guess it can’t be helped since REIK is a latin pop group so figures right?  I am impressed that the group singing in both Spanish and Japanese though so that’s pretty awesome!  It’s not a terrible song but a bit of a farcry from anything they’ve released previous.

2. Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

Huh, Super Junior has 2 B-sides this time?  It’s probably the first single since their (well, debut in Japan with “U/TWINS” and “Marry U” if that counts.  Anyways the first of the two sounds like a special case as it has a Las Vegas showtune kind of groove about it and it makes more sense as it mentions the Super Show which are their tours.  I have to say, I’m enjoying the energy and everyone gets a decent line throughout too!  Pretty good B-side and shows off the fun side to the group.

3. Make You Smile

I think this song was meant to be the true B-side as like all the other singles (except “Blue World”) ended up with a ballad as a B-side.  Make You Smile though feels rather heartfelt and personal with a rather nice acoustic sound (with some strings and piano and some percussion too).  Though I was more surprised with the vocals which aren’t belting for emotion and keeps things at a lighter pace.  I think of all their ballads so far in Japan, this has impressed me the most.



With Ryeowook back in the group, I eel like Super Junior is starting to fully be one again and One More Time is a pretty good sign of things to come when Kyuhyun returns from military leave (and hopefully the other two since they’re benched for other reasons sadly).  One More Time is latin pop done pretty well if not tugging at the “Despacito” train a bit much, but the better songs were the B-sides, one showing off a brighter and happier group while the other being romantic and soft…In general, this single may be their best one in Japan yet!



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