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Pokemon 8 is a Go! March 7, 2019

Filed under: ~Video Game Writing~ — solarblade @ 5:53 am

Alright, it’s that time again and now we have an official green light for Generation 8!  While I can’t say that Gen 7 was my favorite, it brought a lot of interesting ideas and designs from Alolan variations of Kanto Pokémon to Ultra Beasts (beings from another dimension).  Though with Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon kind of ending up as slight disappointments and Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee being a thing…I’m excited to finally hear the announcement of a new Generation! (the first not on a fully handheld system (first on a main console, the Nintendo Switch)  So shall we talk about it briefly!?


Yup, welcome to Generation 8’s main games, Pokémon Sword & Shield!  Set in the Galar region, we will get to go through GameFreak’s take on the United Kingdom this time around!

Not much big info was shown off besides a good look of the region itself and some of the previously known Pokémon that will appear (makes me wonder if there’s going to be Galar variants of Pokémon, hopefully not of Kanto but Johto (or even Kalos since that region was based from France).  Looks good so far, but let’s get into the big information here and those are the 3 starters we begin with!



We start with our first look at the Fire starter, Scorbunny.  I like the fact that it doesn’t use red/orange as its main color opting for a mostly white look.  I am curious to see where its evolutions end up as, but currently he’s my favorite of the three!



After kind of being disappointed with Popplio in the last Gen, I was kind of surprised to see someone like Sobble introduced as I’m already liking it a lot too!  Though I feel like I should bypass this one so I can focus on bringing up a Grass type since I chose Litten and Froakie previously!  Still, I can’t wait to see its evolutions as well!



So Grookey, I’m really enjoying the fact that it is a chimp (although I already get Pansage feelings here), but he looks good enough to pass and knowing it can evolve twice makes me feel better.  Like the others, I’m curious to see what it does in the meta and see if it gains a secondary type.


I’m definitely interested in this Generation and I hope we get a LOT more Pokémon than we did in both Kalos & Alola…Like this drought is just a bit wild…It does make me hope that somehow Meltan / Melmetal are catchable in Sword & Shield and we don’t have to do that arduous task from Pokémon Go!….Oh and Pokémon Bank needs to be updated too!


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