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Up Up Girls – Agenomics!!/Kimi Loss/Upper Ranbu March 25, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Agenomics!!
  2. Kimi Loss
  3. Upper Ranbu
  4. Agenomics!! (Instrumental)
  5. Kimi Loss (Instrumental)
  6. Upper Ranbu (Instrumental)

1. Agenomics!!

As the first A-side of the single, Agenomics!! sure kicks off like it’s some kind of epic track and I think I liked that instantly especially since it grows into a heavy dance track in tandem with many of their previous songs!  I’m enjoying the rave-like feels of the song bit I will say I’m not sure if I’m too much a fan of the group’s more gravely vocal style.  At least the chorus fixes things up and hearing Akari and Manami getting solos is nice, but then the other 3 get theirs in the 2nd verse.  Energetic and bouncy, not bad…although am I hearing a dog howl in the background of the arrangement?  Regardless…decent A-side.

2. Kimi Loss

The 2nd of the two songs, Kimi Loss opens up softer than “Agenomics!!” and it kind of follows this Tropical House beat that’s been kind of popular in the East in recent times. I really do like the amount of solos here with the rapping going to Azusa, Manami, and Saki and I’m suddenly given a little bit of a K-Pop vibe from this song with the beats and cooler tone.  Hearing Akari & Konatsu is pretty awesome as they take most of the vocal lines.  It’s a definite surprise on the single and I kind of really dug it!

3. Upper Ranbu

Of course UUG would have another “Upper ____” in their discography and no surprise it’d be as upbeat, but it’s not quite as in your face like “Agenomics!!” either.  It seems to me a middle of the road kind of song as it features a lot of what I’m used to hear from the group.  The chorus does open up into a sparkly bump of a song.  It does have a little bit of an Ondo taste to it which is cool, but of the 3 songs, I tend to forget it.



After the kind of passable, but not memorable “Ai Ai Fire!! / Watashitachi (with friend)” single, I was curious to see where the group was going to head and with this one it’s a pretty decent single to be quite fair.  Agenomics!! and Kimi Loss are surprisingly good and I’m more surprised that it took the latter song (something that sounds K-pop) to come to the group (especially if you know the group’s history as UFZS).  Upper Ranbu is kind of the typical tune I’d expect coming from UUG, but it’s OK.  I’m curious with the group being so far in their discography, when is a best album due?


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