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Morning Musume ’19 – Jinsei Blues/Seishun Night June 2, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Jinsei Blues
  2. Seishun Night
  3. Jinsei Blues (Instrumental)
  4. Seishun Night (Instrumental)

1. Jinsei Blues

As the main A-side, Jinsei Blues is an interesting take on EDM by having a little more swing to it, but right once the vocals come in, it does become pretty much a straight shot of things they’ve done before.  Also surprised there’s like no solos to be had here for the most part (if there is, it’s just small lines).  I will say the best part is the bridge with the synth melody and bop.  Still, I think it’s just OK for the most part to me.

2. Seishun Night

Which follows suit with Seishun Night which unlike the EDM-centric vibes out of “Jinsei Blues” has a bit more focus on the funky disco stylings like in “Utakata Saturday Night!” and “Sukatto My Heart”.  At least there’s a little more oomph to it like solos and pretty hefty rap line from the main singers (Sakura, Fukuchan, Ayumi, and Maachan).  Though Miki gets some push here too.  Overall not bad here.



Momusu first single in the Reiwa era and I’m just kind of like meh about it.  Neither track really popped out me as both styles have been done before (and to dry sense at this point),  I feel like whatever they did in their last single, they should follow and separate themselves away from the EDM / Disco rut they’ve got locked in.  Hopefully since the new 15th Generation is coming soon, hopefully that’ll bring some changes.


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