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Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8!: The beginning of Generation 8! June 6, 2019

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Wow, after the Pokémon event last week, I was more excited to see the first actual talks about the upcoming dual games, Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Lets talk about the big things!

  • The main thing was the new way to battle with the mechanic, Dynamax which feels like a comination of Gen 6’s Mega Evolution and the Z-moves from Gen 7.  Essentially the Pokemon grows into gargatuan size to be able to damage harder (and use a unique move for each type) but the drawback is that they can only sustain this Dynamax form for 3 turns.
  • We also meet the Galar region’s Champion, Leon and his brother Hop (he’s your rival) on top of two Professors (Magnolia and her granddaughter/assistant Sonia).
  • The return of Gym Leaders for sure with the first shown off being Milo!  (a Grass-type Gym Leader).
  • Of course there’s going to be some online stuff that’s new, especially the Max Raid Battles which seems to be in the Wild Area which is a massive landscape where many Pokemon can be found!

But let’s get to why we’re really here!  Some new Pokémon!!!



So the first shown off is this Normal-type Sheep, Wooloo!  From what was shown from the direct, I get the feeling that this might be an early Pokémon (dunno if it takes a certain category like the Region rat, bird, and bugs but it just feels like an early catch).  Though I am curious to see if it evolves because it seems like it has potential (though it does have Fluffy & Run Away as its abilities).  We shall see!

Gossifleur, Eldegoss


So I was pretty surprised to see our first new evolution line in this Direct so early on!  As our 2nd & 3rd Grass-type Pokémon shown off (Gossifleur & Eldegoss), I was more surprised to see that Eldegoss is the Pokémon Milo uses in his Gym Battle (which seems to be based around Dynamax).  It’s pretty cute and noteworthy also in having the first new Galar ability, Cotton Down (to which we don’t know what it does yet) and Regenerator).  I also think Eldegoss reminds me a lot of both Petilil and Whimsicott lol



I think the one I’m pretty much still rather confused about is Drednaw which is kind of dropped on us hahah.  This Water/Rock Pokémon does kind of have me curious (looks less scary than Barbaracle, Omastar, and Kabutops).  Though it does also look like it has potential as its abilities Strong Jaw / Shell Armor makes it seem strong especially if its Attack is high!



Wow, I definitely didn’t realize we never had a Raven Pokémon but it seems things have come to fruition with this edgy bird!  Though considering it kind of replaces the HM Fly (makes me wonder what is going to happen with HMs altogether since Corviknight takes you to places you’ve been to and you can ride your bike in the water, I mean it’s pretty curious).  Also, I was expecting Dark/Flying (like the Honchkrow and Mandibuzz line) but instead it’s a Flying/Steel type (like Skarmory), makes me wonder how powerful it will be especially with the abilities Pressure & Unnerve…this might be a late-game catch perhaps (or even there could be a pre-evolution too!

Zacian, Zamazenta


Before the direct ended, Masuda surprised us with one more short trailer introducing the games legendaries, Zacian & Zamazenta.  Honestly, I’m surprised with how similar they look to one another minus the fact Zacian has the sword and Zamazenta wears the shield.  Though not much else is known currently (not even they types, but I’m guessing one of the types will be Steel).  Though it definitely pushed me to getting Sword now so I’m pretty excited!


Though there was a hint of a new Pokémon during the Gym Battle scene where this kid wore a sweater with this mysterious Chipmunk Pokémon (though another LQ picture shows said Pokémon in the crowd with a Munchlax, Riolu, Vulpix, and Pikachu).  Curious to see what becomes of this…and of the current big rumor going around of that there’s 2 Squirrel/Chipmunk PKMN.

Of course they also showed Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble off, but nothing really new information-wise about them and nothing on Meltan and Melmetal so…  Still a lot of older Pokémon return too!

I guess I should mention that importantly, Pokémon Bank is going to be now Pokémon Home which be the place to store PKMN (although this will be coming in 2020 so that’s kind of a bummer, though it may not since Sword & Shield releases on 11/15


RUMOR: Shortly after people have found a 4chan post by someone Anonymous that leaked some information, normally 4chan posts get ignore but this one (posted last week on the 23rd), so let’s break it down!

Things that were leaked correctly!

  • Rival is Hop
  • Dynamaxing
  • Name dropping Sonia & Leon and the mention of her Grandmother as the professor
  • Name dropping Milo as a Gym Leader
  • The Wild Zone being an expansive biome that has weather changes and battles against Dynamaxed Pokemon in 4-people battles (Max Raid Battles).
  • Legendary is a wolf that either holds a shield or sword (Zacian & Zamazenta)
  • Wooloo was talked about by name

There’s a lot that wasn’t talked about that was in this leak


Though with E3 & Corocoro coming up we might get one or two more new Pokémon, so I will see you next week!


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