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Let’s Talk About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC! June 13, 2019

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So the last post I made about the game was actually in the last Smash Direct they did before the game (the one that announced Ken, Incineroar, and Piranha Plant).  Though we’re halfway through 2019 and we’ve gotten quite a bit in Smash updates since the game’s release so we should talk about that eh?

Piranha Plant

Piranha Plant

So since the last post we’ve actually gotten the first 2 of 6 DLC characters playable (since the other two were just announced yesterday).  About Piranha Plant, yeah it’s not part of the Fighters Pass since it didn’t get new music or a stage, but it was kind of a nice gift regardless.  P. Plant is a pretty tricky character to play as since a lot of its special moves has a lot of quirky things going on about it, so it takes time for this one.  Though, what a surprise Sakurai would include a regular baddie to the roster (as in like a minion and not a hero or main antagonist).



So in December at the Video Game Awards, we actually got a huge bomb dropped when they snuck in a reveal trailer for Joker from Persona 5 joining the Smash Bros. cast (although it was in mystery with no in-game footage).  April was when we’d get the in-game stuffs for him (on top of new Spirits and Stage Builder (with VR added in May).  So this was a pretty big release to say the least.

Joker himself focuses a lot on kind of odd setups and managing his bar to summon his Persona, Arsene, but boosted attacks and a change in his Up+B.  I thought he’s a little more difficult to master up, but he’s quite fun to play as too…  Even his winning animation quirks is AWESOMES~.

Though let’s be honest his stage, Mementos was the more memorable part from Joker.  It’s such a vivid stage and I love the fact that it changes colors depending on the song from which game (Blue for Persona 3, Yellow for 4, and Red for 5).  Could’ve used more songs, but I’ll live.



So on Nintendo Direct yesterday, we got two reveals the first was kind of no surprise because codenames of the DLC Characters were leaked for Piranha Plant & Joker and Hero’s was “Brave”, but most people were predicting it was specifically Erdrick.  Though as it turns out that the default is Luminary from Dragon Quest XI (the main protagonists usually don’t have names as you can name them yourselves with the exception of Erdrick (from III) and Solo (from IV) who are ironically 2 of the alternate costumes alongside the protagonist from DQ8 (who fans call Eight)).

From what was shown off Hero’s gimmick is an MP bar and a menu where you can use different Magic skills, though not much was talked about (well not at all really), Hero is a bit like Robin with the mix of swordplay and magic so that’s cool.

As for the stage, not much is known about it besides it floating around Erdrea (the main setting for DQXI) and the flying whale Cetacea somehow flying about.  Very little was shown sadly and it kind of reminds me of Skyloft to be quite honest, we’ll prolly learn more in the coming weeks about it.



Let’s be honest though the HUGE news was towards the end of the direct where we kind of got a similar trailer to when King K. Rool was announced but instead were we trolled again by Duck Hunt before the REAL reveal popped up and its Banjo & Kazooie!  Many fans have been hoping for this addition for MANY MANY games and we’re finally here with this duo!  Grateful to Microsoft/Rare for letting this dream happen!

From the reveal trailer, a LOT of moves from the 2 N64 games seem to be translated into the moveset, though there is a move they do (the charge and it depletes a feather…wonder if there’s a limit and what happens when it’s all gone.).

As for the stage, it was no surprise it would be Spiral Mountain, but it makes me wonder how it’ll work…there’s the bridge that goes into Gruntilda’s Lair…but there’s a scene where it looks like the stage is spiraling up (items are moving across the grass to the fore/background as if the stage is moving them).  I’m curious to see where it leads.



So now that’s all done we have only TWO more DLC characters to release (one prolly set for Winter & one for February…I’m pretty curious since it’s open season since there hasn’t been many hints to anything since a lot of it was for Erdrick and Banjo so I’m very curious to how this Fighters’ Pass ends!!!


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