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Let’s Talk About Pokemon Gen 8: E3 & July update July 9, 2019

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Yup it’s finally time to talk about all the happenings that passed during E3 and the recent July video update (will mostly likely update again after Corocoro comes out!)

  • So the leak that happened prior to E3 has been more or less confirmed to be true with a few things left to confirm!
  • Nessa was confirmed as a Gym Leader; as well as Bea & Allister (though those two are version exclusive gym leaders)
  • Gigantamaxing  was announced as a kind of Mega Evolution-type of change where certain Pokémon will change in design and are much stronger with unique moves (don’t know if there’s more differences to Dynamaxing, but it’s a thing
  • We did start getting some version exclusives (the Hydreigon & Kommo-o lines in Sword and the Tyranitar & Goodra line in Shield)

That out of the way, let’s talk about the new Pokémon!



The first up from E3 is Yamper who is an Electric-type Corgi and boy it’s super adorable!  I really found myself enjoying it’s cuteness and it has a new ability in Ball Fetch in where it’ll catch a Pokeball if it fails to catch (but just the first one).  I think it will evolve and it’ll be even cooler I’m sure!  Awesome!



The other introduced at E3 is Impadimp who has the unique typing for Dark/Fairy and while there’s not much information on it, it’s sort of freaky and cute.  Can’t wait to see what else is going on with this one and I hope it does evolve too!



So moving onto July’s update, Alcremie was our first shown off and wow did this cater to the sweets crowd (honestly it reminds me of Slurpuff).  As a pure Fairy type, I’m not sure how well it’ll be in the meta, but knowing it has a Gigamax form is quite interesting!



I’m not sure what to think of the next Pokémon, Rolycoly who is our Rock-type Pokémon and from it’s explanation it moves around like a wheel and that’s pretty interesting since it’s based off of coal.  Would like to see more of it and curious to see if it has evolutions too and also a new ability in Steam Engine (Speed is raised if it’s hit with a Fire or Water move).



Last, but not least, we got our Steel/Dragon Pokémon, Duraludon to talk about and from what I’ve seen so far, it makes me wonder if Duraludon is our pseudo-legendary of Galar here.  It looks super shiny and yet powerful too!  Even so far as to have a new move (JP Name: Exhaustive Beam) where it fires a powerful beam but in return it loses half its life points.  Not sure how I’ll like it, but so far it’s interesting.

Gigamax Forms


So this is the answer to the Mega Evolutions from the 6th Gen games?  I guess this works especially so far with making Alcremie, Corviknight, and Drednaw into something a bit more wild and fierce.  I can only wonder how this stacks up in the meta, but I’m liking them so far!




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