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Let’s talk about Smash & Pokémon: Nintendo Direct for September! September 5, 2019

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So yup, Nintendo had their September Direct and boy was it a doozy with a lot of great announcements throughout, but let’s focus on Smash Bros. and Pokémon as this was what I was happily awaiting for!


So today, Nintendo (and Sakurai) talked a lot more about Banjo & Kazooie and revealed who is the 5th DLC Character is as well with some other surprises so let’s get the smaller showings outta the way

  • Home-run Contest returns with this update, but to be honest…without any incentives to do it, it kind of became the least interesting announcement of them (on top of Online Mii’s getting customized movesets from the Shared Content section)
  • Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Snake are the next amiibos to release
  • Mii Costumes in this wave include Proto Man, Zero, Team Rocket outfits, Goemon, and seriously Sans from Undertale (which was made sweeter that he came with a music track!).

With that said, let’s talk about the characters!

Hero (Luminary, Erdrick, Solo, Eight)


But before we get into Banjo, I thought I’d get into Hero since I didn’t talk about him post-launch back in July.

I want to say I liked Hero, because he’s a lot like a mix of Link & Robin, especially in the moveset besides his Down B.

His Down B brings a menu of 4 different (and random) spells he can use (also depending if he has enough MP too).  It just seems bizarre to me and gives me this rather RNG kind of feel to this mechanic especially since there’s moves where he can heal, buff, freeze, put to sleep, make high damage in a large radius, and blow him self up.  There’s more but those are the ones that stick out to me.

As for his stage, Yggdrasil’s Altar, it’s like a mix of Skyloft, Halberd, and Pilot Wings.  It starts off on a main platform like Halberd, but it takes off and travels around the world like Skyloft, but unlike those two the platform just keeps flying around Erdrea.  Not quite a memorable stage, but I couldn’t imagine anything else really!

Overall, Hero is probably at the bottom of the DLCs for me currently…

Banjo & Kazooie


Though the main star for the direct was for this N64 classic, Banjo & Kazooie and it was a LONG time coming and I’m so happy to see him reappear.  The first HUGE announcement came in the form that he was released to the public today!  Then it was shown that Sakurai was going to do a gameplay presentation (like what he did with Hero).  Showed him off which was awesome and after playing him, he’s quite interesting with a LOT of Kazooie usage.  I really am a little more comfortable with Banjo and has a lot of interesting specials.

Spiral Mountain though is an odd stage but the effort was high in bringing all of those Banjo assets.  Still, the stage rotation is a little odd to get used to at first, but it makes the stage so unique and the fact that it has 10 songs (7 being remixes) really made me happy to see.

This was just such a great DLC choice and can’t wait to play more!

Terry Bogard


Despite Nintendo themselves basically giving away which company was getting the next DLC spot, I was pretty excited to see that SNK was getting this and I honestly knew who they’d choose because Terry Bogard is like the Ryu for Street Fighter.  I have to say, this one really excited me despite not many knowing who this was (seems like the opposite effect with Hero).  We didn’t get too much information on his, just his artwork and a small clip of him doing Crack Wave and Burning Knuckle so that’s interesting.

As for his stage, it looks like the arena from King of Fighters XIV and it’s flat which makes sense to me and there’s a cameo from Ryo Sakazaki in the background (which is a staple for SNK’s fighting games).  Curious to see more once November rolls around.


Though to be honest, the BIGGEST news to come out from Smash is that after this Fighters Pass (Piranha Plant (if you want to count it), Joker, Hero, Banjo & Kazooie, Terry, and the last unannounced character), there’s going to be more DLC characters to be released and I like many others hope they pull it back and focus on Nintendo characters!


Though didn’t get quite as much of the light like Smash did in the Direct (and the fact it had its own presentation afterwards) Pokémon didn’t get too much info here.

  • Deeper character customization
  • Pokémon Camp which I feel like replaces Poke Pelago, but I mean it’s better too!
  • Curry seems to be like the Pokeblocks from back yonder that you can feed to get closer to your Pokemon.

New Pokémon? Let’s talk about them!



The first was kind of hinted at (maybe not intentionally) in the E3 video, but Polteageist is definitely the first where I was like this is pandering to the British culture as they do love their tea!  I feel like this Ghost type is interesting because they sure do like talking about its tea, is it going to be a mechanic in some way?  It does have the ability Weak Armor so who knows!



The other Pokémon shown off was Cramorant and interestingly enough is a Flying/Water type (primary Flying?).  Besides its derpy look, Cramorant has a bit of a gimmick to it called Gulp Missile.

If it uses Surf or Dive it’ll pop up with a fish in its mouth and if it’s attacked it’ll fire said fish as an attack!  Which brings me toooooo…


That first seems a bit too designed to not be a Pokémon, so I assume that it’ll be given a proper introduction in the future, but it already seems it’ll be a Water type so it has that going for it.


While not touched upon, we also learned that Alcremie gets different looks (fruits) and colors.  Not sure how, but it is a thing (might be connected to those Curries?).  I don’t know, but that’s something unique and makes me think of Vivillon.