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Hitomi Shimatani – brilliant September 7, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Brilliant Ways
  3. gentle rain (new version)
  4. Amairo no Kami no Otome (new version)
  5. Blue mermaid
  6. CYCLE

1. Brilliant Ways

Opening the mini with acoustic guitar, Brilliant Ways is a surprising track for me as it really reminds me of BONNIE PINK’s music for some reason but it could just be the natural sound and mood of the tune that really gets to me.  Add on Hitomi’s awesome vocals and it really came together.  It’s a pretty good way to kick things off that’s for sure!


Though mood instantly changes getting into SEASIDE ROMANCE which has more of an 80’s new wave feel to it and I can appreciate that as well and Hitomi suits the funky guitar and heavy bass groove throughout.  It almost makes me think of her last album, “misty” with its overall flow.  Yeah, this was another winner and probably my favorite from the mini-album.

3. gentle rain (new version)

I kind of wonder why this song was given a new cut considering it isn’t even that old of a song (a track from her last album “misty”), but I do remember it because it was a rather nostalgic sound of a tack that harkens back to the early 90s.  It still retains that feel mostly, but mostly the difference is light (I think the biggest difference is the lack of the thunderstorm in the intro).  Maybe some arrangement changes, but they don’t really make too much of a difference.  OK…?

4. Amairo no Kami no Otome (new version)

This one was a no guess as to why it got a new cut as it’s still Hitomi’s biggest hit (while I still don’t exactly agree that it’s her best song, since it’s a cover) at least this new cut feels a bit more interesting by being a little more dance-popish after the intro.  Like “gentle rain” it does have a nostalgic feel to it for some reason and Hitomi still sounds really good too!  Though I do think the only that really changes from the OLD original is that guitar melody stands out more.

5. Blue mermaid

OK, this one definitely has that vibe that I got from her last album and it’s more of this brassy City Pop vibe and I’m kind of digging the nice percussion with the loungey piano melody here.  I mean otherwise, there’s not much else to say about the song, it’s just lively and suits Hitomi’s great vocals!


As the ending of the mini, CYCLE wasn’t what I was expecting with its mix of acoustic guitar and saxophone mix here.  This is another song that gives me some BONNIE PINK vibes which is interesting but since it’s the ballad of the album, I wasn’t really all that interested in it and seems a little odd after “Blue mermaid”.  The chorus though does seem to drag a bit too with Hitomi saying the title…yeah, fitting but not interesting closing track.



I was surprised that after “misty” she’d just drop this mini-album despite not really promoting it from what I’ve seen.  I will say that it’s a pretty nice mini-album all things concerned with some of the lingering City Pop sound found here in the new tracks.  Not quite sure why gentle rain and Amairo no Kami no Otome got new versions that really didn’t amount to anything noteworthy.  Otherwise, nice mini overall!


2 Responses to “Hitomi Shimatani – brilliant”

  1. shinitakashi Says:

    Between “misty” and this mini-album, I feel like she’s on a roll! It’s just too bad she’s not more popular…

    • solarblade Says:

      You know, I get this feeling that when she took that odd hiatus, she lost a lot of that popularity, but it seems like many artists tend to have that happen for whatever reason.

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