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NCT DREAM – Candle Light September 12, 2019

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Track Listing

  1. Candle Light
  2. Candle Light (Inst.)

1. Candle Light

Did NCT 127 give up one of their R&B ballads to NCT DREAM for their 2nd SM Station song?  I mean for some reason I kind of like the sincerity of the song a lot and when it opens with Mark, Jisung, and then Chenle singing, that’s got to mean something right?  It’s such a laidback and relaxing tune for the group and the line distribution was a bit more interesting than in “JOY”.  That being said, Mark has a rap in the bridge and its mostly because this was his final song with the group before he graduated out.  One of the more underrated songs from the group to be honest.



SM really did nicely by this song.  Being that this is Mark’s farewell song, Candle Light was soft and soothing which is a surprise after the hectic sounds of both “GO” and “We Go Up” so this was a nice breakaway for a bit.


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