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Let’s Talk about Pokémon Gen 8: September & October Updates~ October 12, 2019

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So it seems that unlike previous generations, Galar has so far been pretty sparse on some information (mostly that we’re one month out and we still don’t even know the name of the starting town) and it even show because between this and the last post we only got confirmation of two new Pokémon at that.  So let’s talk about that



It initially started with September when a glitched out Pokémon appeared on the main website for Sword & Shield and it had Rotom’s cry for some reason.  When the fog cleared up though it turns out Farfetch’d has a nice evolution!  This Sword exclusive Pokémon is a little surprising mostly due to the fact that now it’s a pure Fighting type (and that secondly it’s holding both a sword and a shield (shouldn’t it be in both with that knowledge?).  Anyways it does get a new move in Meteor Assault (Fighting-type Hyper Beam almost?)  Not bad!

Galarian Ponyta


In October, however we were given a 24-hour livestream of Glimwood Tangle and its inhabitants and while it mostly was kind of a useless thing to do because not a lot happened, we did get the reveal of this Galarian Ponyta which to many surprised everyone when it turned out it wasn’t a Fairy type but instead a pure Psychic type (hmm).  It does come with a new ability in Pastel Veil which cures Poison on the team (including its partner in double battles).  Though with this Fairy-type going around, I wonder if Galarian Rapidash will have it….


And that’s pretty much it…nothing else really happened these two months unfortunately.