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Let’s Talk about Pokémon Gen 8: Post-release and Expansion Pass News! January 12, 2020

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Yeah, I know it’s been like 3 months since I last talked about it and yes, I have played and defeated the Elite 4 and completed post-game stuff.

I will definitely get to writing up about the new Galar Pokémon once all the Sugimori arts become available and I have quite a lot to talk about this generation!

Though the reason this post is up is because of the big news today that Pokémon Sword & Shield will indeed get DLC!

The Isle of Armor

The first to be shown off is the Isle of Armor which is due out at the end of June and it takes us to the Eastern part of Galar to an island-like area with lots of things to do.  It does introduce us to some new characters (Klara & Avery who from their outfits match the outfits you can buy from the shop in the gyms (Poison & Psychic respectively and I noticed because my character wears the Psychic uniform which looks a LOT like Avery’s. Let’s get talking though about the new Pokémon & forms!

Galarian Slowpoke


As kind of the first of the updates to be shown off and technically the first of the Pokémon from the DLC to be catchable, Galarian Slowpoke is a thing now.  Though it’s a bit different in that it’s now just a pure Psychic-type.  It is also confirmed that both Slowbro & Slowking have Galarian forms however Slowbro will be obtainable once this DLC releases while Slowking will be able to found once the Crown Tundra DLC releases.  There were slight previews of those but they were crossed out or blocked so you can’t really tell whats going on…though now it makes me curious!  Though I did say that it’s our first taste of the DLC because as of January now….this is kind of an event Pokémon that you can catch at the Wedgehurst Train Station.

Gigantamax Venusaur, Gigantamax Blastoise


I was hoping Venusaur & Blastoise would get added to the game and because of the datamine showing these two lines were coming, I was happy they didn’t get left behind (even if Charizard is still getting a LITTLE TOO MUCH love in the Pokémon company).  I mean this was pretty cool.  Venusaur looks like it took notes from Vileplume and Blastoise is just OP with all them cannons.  Interesting to see what they’ll come up with them with their G-Max move.

Gigantamax Rillaboom, Gigantamax Cinderace, Gigantamax Inteleon


I was surprised that the Galarian starters didn’t get Gigantamax forms from the start (was making me think it would’ve been like the case of the Kalos starters not getting Mega Evolutions (although Greninja had a unique form though, later on).  Still looks pretty awesome though (Inteleon with a sniper look is pretty badass and Cinderace with the huge ball of fire with a face, it’s just cools.

Kubfu, Urshifu, Gigantamax Urshifu


So the main focus of the first DLC is actually centered around this new legendary!  It appears there’s a dojo on the island and you’re mission is to help train up Kubfu (a pure Fighting type).  While not stated in the PKMN Direct, I feel like it’s evolution is based on which game because of the blue (Sword) and Red (Shield colors).  Though what’s interesting is that it can evolve into Urshifu into a different form one being a Single strike (Fighting/Dark) and the other a Rapid strike (Fighting/Water).  Also they have Gigantamax forms too!  I mean it’s interesting and it’s good that we have a Fighting legendary, but we’ll see what becomes of this.

(EDIT: Well it seems that they aren’t version exclusives and the form you get depends on the choices you make during the story-arc)

The Crown Tundra

DLC 2 (releasing sometime in the Fall) takes us interestingly South into the mountainous area to this icy landscape (Circhester wasn’t enough?).  Though we did get some information on it like the basis of the plot and the fact we get to see inside these Dens and battle to obtain past legendaries, it brought some interesting reveals of Pokémon like the aforementioned Galarian Slowking and more curiously…

Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, Galarian Moltres???


While not officially named that, we do have here what seems to be Galarian forms of the Kanto bird trio!  Not quite sure what to say, but it seems they’ll keep their Ice, Electric, and Fire status, but they obviously have differences that make me wonder if they’ll have a different secondary typing like Psychic, Fighting, and Dark?  It’s hard to tell, but I’m very curious about their role.



Not only did we get some interesting new forms for the Kanto birds, we also got two new Regis thrown out there as well apparently Electric and Dragon type respectively.  It seems they’re found in a temple that represents them. Makes me wonder if a 3rd one will be added to kind of fill the trio limit.  Regizolt or Regidrake for possible names?



Though it seems the star of the show in this DLC is Calyrex, a Psychic/Grass legendary (makes me think of Celebi immediately).  Not quite sure what to think of Calyrex at the moment, but it seems if it Gigantamaxes it means the bulb on its head could bloom so I’m VERY curious on its backstory.


Hopefully Sugimori art of the remaining Gen 8 Pokémon will come out so I can talk about them soons!


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