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Let’s talk about Smash: The end of the Fighters Pass and the future!~ January 17, 2020

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So, today we finally got the reveal of the 5th character of the Fighters Pass and the future since last time Smash announced more DLC!  But since there was time since September, I wanna go back and talk about Terry as well since there wasn’t much shown off in his initial announcement!

Terry Bogard


Yeah, last time I was talking about Terry, it was just his announcement and a SMALL gameplay showing for him.  Though November was when he released and a lot of things revealed!

So Terry joining was really cool utilizing a lot of moves from the Fatal Fury/King of Fighters game which was to expected and just like Ryu & Ken also includes command moves.  What makes Terry stand out though is that when his percent goes over 100%, he’ll be able to do Power Geyser & Buster Wolf by doing it’s commands like it has been for the longest time.

About his stage, King of Fighters Stadium is an interesting one.  The stage itself is basically entirely flat, no platforms and it seems it’s a walk-off stage, but that’s where you’re wrong.  While it does look like one, there’s actually invisible barriers that stop you from going out, unless you’re at a higher damage percentage then the barrier will break from the force.  Add on a lot of cameos from characters of Fatal Fury and King of Fighters and it’s basically all that.

Overall, Terry Bogard might not be someone everyone would’ve thought of, but I definitely appreciate SNK getting the green light for Terry and the Smash love was really nice here!



Though most fans were super curious about who was going to be the 5th character in the first Fighters Pass and many had assumed it was going to be a 3rd party character (fair enough because of everyone else in the pack was at this point), but boy was everyone surprised that it turned out to be another character from Fire Emblem, more specifically from the recent game, Three Houses.  Despite the picture above, Byleth comes with 4 different weapons (sword/whip as his main, an axe, a polearm, and a bow & arrow).  Also, like with Robin and Corrin previous, there’s a female variant as well!

The stage that comes with Byleth is of course a traveling stage, Garreg Mach Monastery.  It goes between four spots in the area with cameos from other characters involved in Three Houses which is cool and the layouts are pretty simple but it’s nice it travels a bit.

My personal opinion on Byleth is that while I had figured we were going to get a Fire Emblem rep, I was kind of assuming it would’ve happened sometime in the 2nd Fighters pass.  Doesn’t help that Byleth looks so similar to Marth and Chrom (the female looking pretty close to Lucina) it’s kind of a bummer they ended up choosing what they did and not someone like Edelgard.  Also, kind of soured the fact it closed out the first Fighters pack as well.


We also got some new Mii Fighter costumes here with Altair (from Assassin’s Creed) and the Rabbids (from the Rayman series) on top of returning Mega Man outfits from the X series and Battle Network series.  Though the best news here was that we were given a Cuphead outfit that really feels right for its style (plus it comes with a song similarly to Sans from Undertale.


Though as I mentioned earlier, Sakurai kind of went in slightly further into DLC with the announcement of 6 more DLC characters for the 2nd Fighters Pass bringing the total to 12 DLC characters!  No announcement, but it seems there’ll be more space as the date says it should be done in December 31 of 2021.  Curious to see what this pass will be about that’s for sure.




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