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GENERATION 8: Oh that’s pretty short of a Gen, but still bigger than Kalos! Pt. 3 February 27, 2020

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Yup, we’re finally here with last batch in Galar before going into Galarian forms and Gigantamaxes so here we’ll be goin through the last batch!  Shall we dive in?

052: Milcery, 053: Alcremie


Seems like we got this Generation’s Vivillon with the Alcremie line!  What I mean, it’s got many different looks to it!  Milcery isn’t quite that interesting although it’s clean slate look has its appeal is interesting (still kind of odd) but then once you give it a sweet (of 7 different kinds), do rotations (clockwise or counter-clockwise), how many spins and time of day, you can end up with 63 different forms of Alcremie.  Though outside of the many different kinds of Alcremie, it’s not totally special otherwise being a pure Fairy-type, but it does have a Gigantamax form, so I guess it pops off a little bit.  Also I really love Rainbow Alcremie, so it was my definite goal to get!

054: Falinks


When I first saw Falinks, I had kind of thought we had another Bug-type on our hands, but like the Grapploct line, it was a total lie and we have another Fighting-type on our hand!  It turns out this is like Exeggcute in where the 6 Falinks are they’re own thing, but the one with the big horn is the leader and with its Signature Move, No Retreat, it goes into a phalanx position (hence the name).  I’m a little surprised it doesn’t evolve or anything, but it’s odd type given could surprise opponents I’d say!

055: Pincurchin


When I first saw Pincurchin, I thought it was going to be like a Galarian Pyukumuku because they’re kind of similar in ways, but then it turns out it’s its own standalone Pokémon.  It’s also a bit better because while it’s a pure Electric-type, it does have a bit of power behind, but because it’s a one-stage, it doesn’t quite live up and just is a dex filler here.

056: Snom, 057: Frosmoth


See, all the Bug types are just interesting this Gen!  This line caught my attention immediately due to the fact that it’s a unique typing of Ice/Bug and Snom is just a cutey patootey!  Though I’m surprised they brought back the friendship/love evolution back for Frosmoth and even so shares what with Umbreon where they evolve through the night with max friendship.  I really like their designs and I enjoy this one exists even if its pretty frail.

058: Stonjourner


Wow, I had assumed we’d get a Pokémon based from Stonehenge, but boy is Stonjourner a strange looking Pokémon.  Granted, I didn’t get to use it much in Sword (even if it was a Sword exclusive).  Not much to say about this Rock-type though, but it kind of doesn’t give me a Pokémon kind of feel to it to be honest, but I think maybe it’ll stick out with visuals.

059: Eiscue


Shield players got Eiscue though which may have been the more interesting between it and Stonjouner to be honest.  If anything, Eiscue is kind of like a less useful Mimikyu because of its ability Ice Face.  What it means is that it’s head can protect it from moves, but it means it loses the cube and becomes it Noice Face until Hail is used where it can get its head back.  Beyond that, this Ice-type Pokémon isn’t quite interesting either, I think it could’ve used an evolution to be honest.

060: Indeedee


It seems we have our helpful Pokémon in this Generation in the form of Indeedee who remind me a LOT of Audino.  Sharing Girafarig & Aria Forme Meloetta type of Psychic/Normal, Indeedee was definitely not going to stand out to me, but it does have a Meowstic vibe due to it having a Male/Female variant with different moves (though they are version exclusives).  Just not my tea I guess.

061: Morpeko


Yup, it isn’t a Pokémon Generation without a Pikachu-clone somewhere in the list, but I’m surprised Morpeko is towards the end of it, but I mean you do find in the 2nd half of the game!  Being a unique typing of Electric/Dark, Morpeko also comes with a unique ability, Hunger Switch which works coinciding with its signature move, Aura Wheel which makes it change to its Hangry Form (the angry one of course).  It’s cute, a little gimmicky for me, but it’s fine (I still think Emolga & Pachirisu were more memorable).

062: Cufant, 063: Copperajah


It’s weird that Cufant is the first Pokémon we see from the intro of Sword & Shield in the possession of Chairman Rose.  Skip towards the end where they actually became available (with the exception of Raid Battles).  For me, I never got either until I had defeated Leon and the post-game story.  Being a pure Steel-type and a new elephant (after the Donphan line), Copperajah was interesting to see and considering how late game it is, I thought it was a good Steel type to have just in case.  Of course since it was the main Pokémon of the antagonist, it ended up with a Gigantamax form.

064: Dracozolt


I’m not really sure what to think of the selection of 4 fossil Pokémon.  I mean none of them evolve which is a bit sad, but a LOT of them are surprisingly good in their stats.  Now their design is a little shocking because they’re fusions of two fossils that DON’T work together.  I mean Dracozolt here looks strange because the electric chicken things doesn’t look right because it’s plastered on a dragon body (hence its Electric/Dragon type).  Interesting for sure and something that isn’t Zekrom xD.

065: Arctozolt


Seee the -zolt remains but now we’re giving the Arcto which makes this line Electric/Ice (which if I remember right is pretty unique besides Frost Rotom).  Beyond that, Arctozolt just brings more because the Electric half has a runny nose!  It’s just a goofy design, but I really like the typing!  Though these two (Dracozolt & Arctozolt learn the signature move, Bolt Beak so that’s pretty cool!

066: Dracovish


This is where the designs went from I get it to WTF happened here.  So if you’ve noticed the -vish is actually the head and it’s place onto the Draco’s tip of its tail which makes this incredibly uncomfortable and awkward especially since it has no arms to speak of as well.  Being a Dragon/Water type is a little interesting (Kingdra exists), but just on visuals alone, it’s probably my least favorite (though players seem to really like Dracovish’s stats and moves and abilities so it may be the best of the 4 ironically?

067: Arctovish


So at first I thought of all of Cara Liss’ creations (oh the pun hurts!), Arctovish was the best looking?  Maybe the most plain and not screwed up version of it.  Though with closer inspection, -vish’s head is upside down xD so the top of its head is its mouth which brings this design into a WHOLE ‘nother level of wtf.  Sad though that Arctovish’s type is the most commonly seen of the 4 (Ice/Water).  I mean it’s OK…still weird af.

Overall, these fossil Pokemon are so janky and slightly disturbin, but they do seem to work well in the game.  They are slightly version exclusives since Sword you can find Bird & Dino fossils easily and Shield has Fish & Drake.  I kind of hope that in one of these DLC packs that we can get correct fusions of the 4 because these don’t need to exist lol!

068: Duraludon


When they introduced Duraludon, I had kind of pointed it as the pseudo-legendary because it kind of had this aura about it on top of it being a Steel/Dragon (shares with Dialga).  Though to find out that it’s a standalone with no pre-evolution nor evolution (though a Gigantamax because Raihan did own one), Duraludon is kind of the oddball here.  I do like it though and it’s a nice ‘mon to catch towards the end of the game.

069: Dreepy, 070: Drakloak, 071: Dragapult


The actual pseudo legendaries comes in the form of the Dragapult line who literally was only available before the E4 battles.  Though it seems you could only catchy Drakloak in the Wild Area (and Dreepy on occasion), I felt this was incredibly and I ended up loving it real quick (though I didn’t use it in the final battle).  Dreepy is adorable though it is pretty weak and doesn’t evolve until lvl. 50 and then 10 levels later evolves into Dragapult and it’s a pretty good way to show that Dreepy sticks with the line (hell, Dragupult can launch 2 Dreepys when it uses its signature move, Dragon Darts).  Really cool line and the Ghost/Dragon type (shares with Giratina) is pretty awesome too!

072: Zacian


Now we finally enter the Legendaries starting with the box art legendaries!  Zacian is the main one for Pokémon Sword and it’s just such a cool doggo!  Now you may be wondering the two forms because prior to the game’s releases, we only knew about the one on the right.  The one on the left is the Hero of Many Battles form which is only a pure Fairy type and when it holds the Rusted Sword, it’ll become the Fairy/Steel Crowned Sword form.  It’s pretty powerful to say the least.  Definitely chose well!

073: Zamazenta


So the Shield doggo ended up taking the…err Shield!  Instead Zamazenta is curiously a Fighting-type and later becomes the Crowned Shield Zamazenta (Fighting/Steel).  While Zacian was proven to be the better of the two, Zamazenta looks pretty cool especially when it becomes its Crowned Shield form.  I haven’t had much time (it was the last to be added in my living dex), but it looks cool!

074: Eternatus


So the big baddie Pokémon in Sword & Shield, this Poison/Dragon type (shares with Dragalge & Naganadel) Eternatus is kind of the key behind the Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing phenomenon and if I had to be honest gives me Ultra Beast vibes because of how outrageous and angled it looks.  I mean it looks fierce but unfortunately due to how lukewarm the story was, Eternatus wasn’t really given a lot of emphasis and was just presented like throwaway boss.  I kind of wonder if there’s more to it than meets the eye because it’s Eternamax form is unusable after the battle…which sucks, but I’ll talk more about that when I go through the Gigantamax Pokémon.





GENERATION 8: The next batch! Pt. 2 February 25, 2020

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So here we are with part 2 of the run-through of Galar and we get into some more interesting designs, so shall we dive in?

025: Yamper, 026: Boltund


Kicking this post off, we have the electric doggo Boltund line!  I mean it is in line, parallel to the Manectric line (who are also in Sword and Shield funny enough), but these are more British tampered here.  Yamper is really adorable and is a porky pooch before evolving into Boltund.  However, beyond its cuteness…I really didn’t use it for too long for some reason, but I’m not quite sure why beyond there was better Pokémon, I think it could’ve used another evolution too it seems.

027: Rolycoly, 028: Carkol, 029: Coalossal


Ooooh a new dual type comes next huh?  Well, not so much the case for Rolycoly since it’s a pure Rock-type, but once it evolves into Carkol and again into Coalossal, it becomes the Rock/Fire type and it’s pretty cool albeit has some weaknesses.  I initially had hoped the design would be a little more unique, but seeing Coalossal is kind of giving me a mix of Golem and Rhyperior for some strange reason and Carkol’s eyes are just freaky to me which kind of killed the design sort of.  It does get a Gigantamax form though, but I’ll talk about that later.  I’m OK with it, but I think it could’ve been better.

030: Applin, 031: Flapple, 032: Appletun


Ok, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite lines from Galar to be honest (though I also didn’t use one in my team in the finals).  You get Applin pretty early I’d say, but it’s such a useless ‘mon due to it only knowing Withdraw & Astonish which is just piss poor IMO.  Though luckily in Motostoke, you can obtain either the Tart (Sword) or Sweet (Shield) Apple to evolve into either Flapple or Appletun respectively.  So yes, it’s the region’s only new split evo line!  I did enjoy Flapple though (even though I REALLY wanted an Appletun, but I didn’t obtain it until post-game).  Really cool designs and the Grass/Dragon type is pretty neat as well.  Though what confused me was that both Flapple & Appletun got Gigantamax forms but they look way similar and kind of feels confusing being in line, but I’ll talk about that more when I get to that!

033: Silicobra, 034: Sandaconda


As the only Ground-type to be introduced for the Generation that isn’t a Galarian form of an existing Pokemon, the Sandaconda line was the surprise for me here.  I already enjoyed Silicobra’s design a lot (especially the green eyes)!  Then I saw Sandaconda and was a little surprised at coiled up it is and its head poking through the middle like it’s a donut.  Though I quickly warmed up and it LITERALLY became my MVP of Sword as it came in clutch going up against Leon’s Charizard at the end of the E4.  Add on that its coiled-like state carries into its Gigantamax form which actually makes it into a sand twister!  Grown to be one of my favorites from Gen 8!

035: Cramorant


Something about green eyes here huh?  So Cramorant was one of the few that were shown off before the game came out and really, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of it due to not having the more interesting typing of Flying/Water (many others share it).  Though it does come with a unique ability in Gulp Missile in which whenever it uses Surf or Dive it’ll either return back with either an Arrokuda or a Pikachu in its mouth and then if it’s hit it’ll launch them (Pikachu adds paralysis, since y’know an electric missile).  Other than that, I didn’t find Cramorant all that interesting, but I suppose it’s pretty derpy!

036: Arrokuda, 037: Barraskewda


So when Cramorant was first shown off and its ability was explained, we got a quich shot of a fish Pokemon and I had wondered why they never talked about this Pokemon until after the game released.  At least I was right that it had to be one since it was designed like one.  The Barraskewda line is definitely this Generation’s easy to find fish Pokemon so it initially didn’t pull me (I did use it for a couple gyms though), though Barraskewda might be interesting because it gets quick and attacks hard!  It may stick out a little bit, I may return to using it and see what else it can do!

038: Toxel, 039: Toxtricity


I think the getaway favorite of this Gen has to be the Toxtricity line and for good reason!  First off, the line is the unique typing of Poison/Electric which was immediately a pull for me to try out.  Though it did fall back when you have to deal with Toxel who really isn’t all that great stat-wise (especially since it looks like a baby).  Though what gets interesting is when it evolves at lvl. 30!  Depending on the nature of the Toxel will net you what Toxtricity you’ll get.  The more energetic and upbeat nature get you the Amped form Toxtrictiy while the more quieter and low-end natures will end up as the Low Key form.  The differences between the two outside the visual is the difference of two moves (Amped learns Venoshock & Shift Gear, while Low Key learns Venom Drench & Magnetic Flux).  Add on its unique ability Punk Rock (powers up Sound-based moves) and its Signature move Overdrive and a post-game added Gigantamax form (which may have some historical prevalence in Galar), Toxtricity got a LOT love here…One of my favorites and was on my final team in the game!

040: Sizzlipede, 041: Centiskorch


I was hoping to see more new Bug-types this Generation and I’m just happy that the 3 lines that are, are pretty good so to speak albeit the Centiskorch line doesn’t have a unique type with Bug/Fire (Volcarona line says hi).  While we have had a centipede line before as well (Scolipede also says hi), I feel like Centiskorch is really cool looking and seems pretty strong.  Though me being me, I spend like an hour looking for Sizzlipede on Route 3, not knowing I could just easily catch one at Kabu’s gym challenge >.>  Throw on that Centiskorch has a Gigantamax form and you have a pretty dangerous Bug/Fire on your team!

042: Clobbopus, 043: Grapploct


I feel like there’s a sense of deja vu with this next line that’s for sure.  Like with Crabrawler last gen, I get tripped up because the Grapploct line are pure Fighting-type and not Water/Fighting as I assumed as they’re octopi.  Though it also follows Hawlucha’s Lucha Libre feel as well which doesn’t quite strike me much.  May be my least favorite design out of Gen 8 possibly?

044: Sinistea, 045: Polteageist


When I saw Polteageist for the first time, I knew it had to be British-based, but fusing it into this Ghost-type was smart and pretty unique, even if it slightly reminds me of the Chandelure line for whatever reason.  Though interesting is that evolves with the Cracked Pot which is something that isn’t new, but I like we’re bringing back item evolutions back.  THOUGH, that’s not all…after the game released, people found an item called the Chipped Pot and later learned that the Sinisteas that can evolve with the Cracked Pot are Phony forms while the others are called the Antique form (which is REALLY hard to tell because the only difference is a mark of authenticity on the bottom) besides that same Pokémon.  I kind of wish there was more to it, like a stat difference or something, but otherwise yeah…I don’t know…

046: Hatenna, 047: Hattrem, 048: Hatterene


It seems they’re trying to go for that Lolita vibe once again in this Generation (like Gardevoir and Gothitelle before)  Though I have to say, it’s one of those times where I’m actually not really interesting in the Psychic line in this case.  Hatenna & Hattrem are pretty cute to say the least and that works, but seeing it evolve into Hatterene just left me kind of scratching my head especially since its hair surrounds the body and the arm is the part of the hat…it just felt weird and on top of that in-game, it’s incredibly slow so it gets out matches by both Gardevoir (who shares the Psychic/Fairy type with) and Gothitelle who both are in Sword/Shield too…kind of a bleh design if you ask me and its Gigantamax form didn’t really help much either.

049: Impidimp, 050: Morgrem, 051: Grimmsnarl


As the last on this post, the Grimmsnarl line was a curious one when we were first introduced to Impidimp who was odd but had some cute quirks about it.  Being the first Dark/Fairy line, my thoughts are kind of that the Grimmsnarl line is more or less the glass cannon which means it hits hard but its defense is a bit shoddy and while it ended up on my Final team, it was used sparingly because it’d usually get killed quickly.  Still, it’s pretty edgy looking and it even has a Gigantamax form too to make it more of a threat.




Kobushi Factory – Seishun no Hana/Start Line February 23, 2020

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Track Listing

  1. Seishun no Hana
  2. Start Line
  3. Seishun no Hana (Instrumental)
  4. Start Line (Instrumental)

1. Seishun no Hana

Boy, did I get worried when I saw the title of this song and immediately thought of “Kobushi no Hana”, but luckily the song isn’t a ballad and kind of sits at a mid-tempo/upbeat song that’s a little more akin to something like “Haru Urara” since they’re both Springtime songs.  There’s something about the song that feels both sentimental and kind of generic in a way.  I think it’s OK and the light pop/rock vibes is OK, but nothing that really pops out to me.

2. Start Line

As for the other A-side, Start Line is a bit more along my tastes bringing back the more rockin’ style to the group which actually reminds me of “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa” considering its similar topic here.  I’m really loving the fact that all 5 members are giving such hefty solos that really show off their vocal talents (especially for both Minami and Sakurako, they impressed me the most out of the song.  Despite that it’s another one of those be your best and look forward to the future kind of tracks that for whatever reason Kobushi Factory keeps getting, this one is pretty good overall!



If I had to be honest, I would say this single is pretty tame for the group, it’s kind of the similar feelings I had with “Oh No Ounou / Haru Urara” with the upbeat rockin’ track and the softer springtime song but reversed.  Both songs though feel similar to past tracks they’ve done which is kind of a bummer too.  Though it kind of sucks…

Because this is also Kobushi’s final single as a group as they’ll be disbanding in March leaving only Reirei to remain in H!P.  I didn’t think it’d happen so soon after their sophomore album, but long and behold it’s going to happen.  Not even a best album to kind of wrap things up either, but I don’t think they needed one to begin with (although T&C Bomber did that).  Just sad that the group couldn’t keep up after all the drama in the group, hopefully the remaining members will go onto have good careers (though I think Sakurako is the only one fully retiring).


GENERATION 8: Bring your Sword & Shield, It’s Galar time! Pt. 1 February 21, 2020

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Yep, it’s been a couple months since Sword & Shield have been released and finally all the Sugimori Arts have come out (with a small few still kind of missing).  Anyways, we are in the Galar region and its been a rather controversial Generation so far (y’know, with the #dexit thing going on and just random things.  I’m here to talk about the new Pokémon that were introduced, but it’s going to be handled slightly differently than previous gens, so here’s how it’ll go down

  • I’m going to talk about the brand new designs and Pokémon from Grookey to Eternatus
  • Then I will talk about the Galarian forms of older Pokémon (example Galarian Meowth & Perrserker, and Galarian Slowpoke)
  • Following that will be Gigantamax forms (includes Snorlax, Toxtricity, and Melmetal)
  • Then it’s the first DLC’s exclusives from The Isle of Armor (which will include Gigantamax, and Galarian forms)
  • and finally, the Crown Tundra which will be wayyy down the line

So with all that said and done, let’s jump right in!

001: Grookey, 002: Thwackey, 003: Rillaboom


As the starters of the new Generation, I knew I had to choose the Grass starter (especially since I haven’t chosen one since Chikorita in Gen 2.  Grookey was also incredibly cute right from the start (although Scorbunny & Sobble were too).  Though you don’t see it, Rillaboom has a drum it uses (especially in its Signature Move, Drum Beating) and it was pretty great on my team, making it to the final battle against Leon!

Though it did get me surprised that a Gigantamax form would be introduced in the Isle of Armor DLC, so we will see how I will feel (though I’m feeling bummed, I may have to train a new Grookey to get it…)

004: Scorbunny, 005: Raboot, 006: Cinderace


If I wasn’t locked into Grookey, the Cinderace line would might have been a next-to-go line.  I already enjoy the fact that it’s based off of soccer players and the fact it’s a pure Fire-type is exciting (and haven’t you seen it’s signature move, Pyro Ball…wow the visuals are good).  I really enjoy this line after using him post-game, but I think I like Rillaboom a little more.

Though from the Isle of Armor, Gigantamax Cinderace is looking really cool and the fact that it’s soccer ball is like a pyroplasmic ghost and it just looks crazy cool!

007: Sobble, 008: Drizzile, 009: Inteleon


Finally with the Water starter, it felt like once again Water types got not a lot of love, but honestly I really like the Inteleon line because of the fact they’re based off of both reptiles & spies.  Just like Cinderace though, it’s move Snipe Shot is just so badass and the fact it can glide is awesome.

Like the other two starters, Inteleon will be given a Gigantamax form and seeing it on a geyser perched high and aiming like a sniper, it might be my favorite of the 3 to be honest.

As for how I think of the 3 as a whole, I don’t think they’re the best as all 3 are all pure-types which haven’t happened since Johto which is a slight bummer, but I do think they’re better stat-wise (maybe not so much Inteleon). 

010: Skwovet, 011: Greedent


Of course, it wouldn’t be a new Generation without the typical rodent, bird, and bug Pokémon to represent the gen.  Honestly, the Greedent line didn’t get much of a response out of me and even though I think Skwovet is super adorable, there really wasn’t much interest in these two outside of the first 1 or 2 gyms.

012: Rookidee, 013: Corvisquire, 014: Corviknight


Wow, I figured when they first showed off Corviknight, I thought it’d be elsewhere in the Pokedex, but it turned out it was the last of the line of the actual beginner bird.  What’s interesting and what slightly seperates it from previous Gens is that both Rookidee & Corvisquire are pure Flying-types (the only other Pokémon that is pure Flying is Tornadus).  With Corviknight also being the 2nd Steel/Flying type (next to Skarmory).  Still, I really liked this and Corviknight stayed with me all the way to the end.  Add on that the Gigantamax form is really awesome looking and the blades shaped like smaller birds are so cool!

015: Blipbug, 016: Dottler, 017: Orbeetle


Though I think the biggest surprise is this Generation’s choice for their early Bug Pokémon.  Honestly, Blipbug (despite looking incredibly dorky) isn’t really much worth noting, it isn’t until it evolves at lvl. 10 where things get interesting.  Once it evolves into Dottler, it’s type becomes Bug/Psychic (a first time dual-type) and it becomes quite a nice tank and Sp. Attacker.  Definitely was a strong member on my team and really nice against Leon too.  Add on the UFO look when it Gigantamaxes and I’m just blown away by it.  Definitely by far the best regional Bug!

018: Nickit, 019: Thievul


I guess to kind of parallel with the Mightyena line, we got Dark-type foxes with the Thievul line.  I really like Nickit as it’s just clever and cute, although the tail is a little funky at times though I do understand why it’s a thing.  Thievul is OK, maybe if the mask wasn’t a thing either, but it’s curiously more interesting than the aforementioned Pokémon above.  Not high up, but it did serve it’s purpose about til halfway through the game for me.

020: Gossifleur, 021: Eldegoss


This was also the part of the first few that were revealed, but was surprised that the Eldegoss line was entirely shown off in the 2nd trailer of the game.  So lest be not surprised that I was slightly disappointed this line didn’t go further (or even get a Gigantamax form).  I don’t know why, but nothing really popped out at me with this Grass-type.

022: Wooloo, 023: Dubwool


So another early reveal, Wooloo was an early fan favorite and for good reason as it’s just adorable and innocent.  I think we all knew it was going to evolve too, but I’m not sure many were thinking it was Dubwool (also that name is bad tbh).  I think it has good Attack, but I didn’t find myself using the line in the game.  I mean it’s a Normal-type which is already kind of putting it in a meh place.  Cute, but I don’t know honestly.

023: Chewtle, 024: Drednaw


A new turtle huh?  I suppose so and Chewtle is derpy enough to kind of stick out.  When it evolves into Drednaw it becomes a Water/Rock type which is interesting and it makes sense to me (although we already have that in Carracosta too).  Though I think what bothers me (like with the Eldegoss line) is that it doesn’t evolve but it does try to reflect that by having a Gigantamax form…though IMO, maybe it should’ve been a 2nd evolution at the end of the day (especially since Blastoise is getting one too).



GENERATION 2: The last 25! pt. 4 February 6, 2020

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So earlier today (the 5th), majority of the Sugimori Art had finally come out in decent quality, so I thought I would get the remainder of the Johto Pokémon out of the way before I begin Galar sometime next week! (still missing some arts, mostly Galarian forms and Gigantamax PKMN).  So shall we get this over with?

076: Skarmory


Starting the last 25, Skarmory comes first who was a Silver exclusive and for the longest time was one of my favorites to use because it had a nice typing mix of Steel/Flying and it was fast and hits pretty hard despite being only a one-stage Pokémon.  I will say that nowadays it might’ve been surpassed by Corviknight (who shares the same typing), but there’ll always be something nostalgic about Skarmory.  Really awesome!

077: Houndour, 078: Houndoom


Ooooh, something a big more menacing huh?  Yup, this devil dog is fitting due to its Dark/Fire typing and just the overall look of it.  I remember that I had liked using it in Gen 2 because it was another nice Fire user and Houndoom looked badass!  I don’t recall taking him to the end, but I still found use regardless.

Which was why I was happy to see it got a Mega Evolution in Gen 6, though disappointed it wasn’t a representation of Cerberus of something.  Still, it was strong as hell and I loved using it more than other Megas.

079: Kingdra


Of all the Generation 1 Pokémon, I had the least thoughts about Seadra getting an evolution, but once you trade one with a Dragon Scale, Seadra evolves into Kingdra who is now a Water/Dragon type.  I actually remember it being quite powerful and such a decent upgrade, but I never really got to own one til later Generations due to the lack of friends with a link cable (and me with a 2nd GBC).  Still, I really like using it on occasions.  Strong Pokémon!

080: Phanpy, 081: Donphan


Another Pokémon that was first shown off during the first movie (this time the actual movie as it’s the unnamed opponent Ash goes off against and despite it wasn’t given a name throughout, watching this unknown Pokémon using Rollout, really made me curious about it and luckily it was another Silver exclusive!  Being a pure Ground-type, the Donphan line wasn’t too special, but it did have a little usage in and out of Generations, though it seems this elephant now has a challenger in Gen 8’s Copperajah line…pretty curious to see what’ll come next for the line if there will be any.

082: Porygon2


One of my favorite Pokémon form Gen 1, Porygon got an evolution in Gen 2 after trading with the Up-Grade item being held.  Of course it gets a bit faster and it’s bubbly appearance makes it look even more duck-like (especially its movement looks like the Drinking Bird toy).  I have to say that I enjoyed this design just as equally as its pre-evolution.  There was a beta design where it was like a lion with balls around its neck and I’m so happy they spent more time with working on it.

Though it also gains an evolution once Gen 4 comes around after ONCE AGAIN trading a Porygon2 with a Dubious Disc held to get a Porygon-Z where it’s a bit more zany and insane.  Still a really awesome line here

083: Stantler


I think the blandest inclusion is possibly Stantler in the 2nd Gen.  I mean nothing really stands out about it, but I had felt because of some of the Dex and Anime happenings, I felt like maybe it could’ve been a Normal/Psychic (maybe make it a parallel to Girafarig perhaps?).  Still it ended up being just pure Normal and eventually in Gen 5 get surpassed by the Sawsbuck line too.  Really forgetful overall!

084: Smeargle


Another Pure Normal-type, Smeargle is definitely one of the more odd Pokémon introduced here.  Found in Ruins of Alph (but in a rather small patch of grass), Smeargle doesn’t seem quite special until you start your research.  Smeargle only learns one more, Sketch, but it learns it every 10 levels (ex: 1, 11, 21, 31).  What Sketch does is that Smeargle copies the last move used on it, so in a sense it can learn any move in the game, but that move is permanent so you could build a rather dangerous moveset for it, but Smeargle has some piss-poor stats that doesn’t really use it to its advantage.  Very gimmicky but could be useful?  Just be careful when using Sketch!

085: Tyrogue, 086: Hitmontop


We get into another batch of Baby Pokémon starting with Tyrogue who is a pre-evolution to Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and the also newly introduced in the Generation, Hitmontop.  The idea for Tyrogue is that it has 3 ways to evolve into the 3 mentioned above.  It basically goes once it hits level 20, it will evolve.  If its Attack is higher than Defense, you get Hitmonlee, the opposite (Defense above Attack) will net you Hitmonchan and if both are equal (making it rather difficult to get) you end up with Hitmontop.  Interesting though, as for my thoughts on Hitmontop, it’s unusual and the fact it doesn’t tie-in with the naming convention (Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan) lends itself to be a rather black sheep Pokémon, but I do like it has Speed and Triple Kick is cool to use back then.  Also both Beta designs were pretty bad xD

087: Smoochum


The next 3 baby Pokémon IMO really don’t add much to the meta for their evolutions, but I suppose it’s a thing.  Smoochum is of course the pre-evolution for Jynx and it’s just much weaker overall and you only want one for dex completion.  Though you are stuck with Smoochum until lvl. 30 when she evolves.  Nothing really much else to say about Smoochum.

088: Elekid


Same thing with Elekid (actually even Magby too) that all 3 evolve at level 30 into their respective Gen 1 evolutions. I remember Elekid being in the Pokémon short for the 2nd movie, but that’s really about it.  Of course a much weaker Electabuzz here, but it looks interesting.

Of course after Electabuzz, it gets another evolution in Gen 4 after trading an Electabuzz holding a Electrizer into an Electivire.

089: Magby


Very much like Elekid and Smoochum before just repeating, level 30 into Magmar.  I feel like I forget about this Pokémon a lot because I usually don’t like using Magmar (or Magmortar) that much.  Actually thinking about I’m surprised that Jynx is the only of the 3 that didn’t get an evolution

Once Magby evolves, Magmar can evolve again in Gen 4 into Magmortar by trading it while it’s holding the Magmarizer item.  Though I really am not a big fan of its design very much.

090: Miltank


I’m pretty surprised Miltank is found all the way towards the end of the Johto dex here.  It’s not even totally that great besides the fact that it knows Milk Drink, but otherwise, Miltank wasn’t particularly that interesting in Johto.  Well, other than the fact it’s known for being a beast when going against Whitney’s (the 3rd Gym leader) Miltank who wrecked teams with its Rollout.  Since then, it usually is seen paired up with Tauros (because all Miltank were females).  Not the most memorable, but it did its job.

091: Blissey


Did Chansey really need this?  We already had a Pokémon who had a LOT of Hit Points and was surprisingly decent for being a Normal-type and then we suddenly get Blissey here who is just a dreadnaught of a tank in Gen 2.  Though to get Blissey, your Chansey needs to have high friendship and if I remember right, it wasn’t easy to get xD.  It was just such a good Pokémon to use and I had used one a lot in later Gens.

The evolutionary chain was completed in Gen 4 when we were introduced to Happiny which was the Baby Pokémon for the line.  Kind of surprised that it didn’t join others in retyping to Fairy (was one of the first Pokémon I thought of, on top of the Lake Legendaries of Gen 4 and none of them changed (or added types)).

092: Raikou


We finally get into some legendaries starting with the legendary dogs.  Raikou I felt of the 3 got the short end of the stick because the other two had some prominence in a rather obvious way (Entei in the 3rd movie & Suicune being the main in Pokémon Crystal).  Raikou was funny enough the only one of the 3 I had caught in Silver because I was young and dumb and was already stressed with finding them in Johto (they were the first to start the whole “roaming” legendary meaning they can be found in any route you’re in by chance.  I managed to catch Raikou and it was my leading Electric-type user for a while.  Neat Pokémon that gets me nostalgic!

093: Entei


Yeah Entei ended up being the major face of the 3rd movie (alongside Unown) and Entei looked pretty badass and powerful even managing going toe-to-toe with Charizard.  Like I said under Raikou, I never was able to catch it (ending up fainting it instead) and I missed out on the Fire-type beast.  Still looks cool though that’s for sure!  Though it’s interesting to note that the 3 looked VERY different in their Beta designs, I’m happy they got better looking down the line!

094: Suicune


Yup, Pokémon Crystal actually had Suicune on its boxart and I thought that was pretty weird that it was getting the focus over both Raikou and Entei.  Though it is my favorite design of the 3 dogs.  Though it is a Water-type, I find myself being confused because a lot of the moves I remember it getting were Ice-types.  Regardless, I dug it and I like it in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

095: Larvitar, 096: Pupitar, 097: Tyranitar


Interesting that once again the pseudo-legendary line comes after the trio of the games.  Curiously enough Tyranitar was one of the first Pokémon created so I really enjoy they brought this Kaijuu design around for the 2nd Generation.  It starts as the Rock/Ground Larvitar and at lvl. 30 it’ll evolve into its cocoon form, Pupitar before reaching and evolving into Tyranitar at lvl. 55.  At that point, Tyranitar becomes a Rock/Dark type and just is a force to be reckoned with.

Curiously enough to kind of parallel Aggron, Tyranitar got a Mega Evolution in X & Y and it just made it more powerful and scary to deal with.  It could’ve looked more monstrous, but it definitely did the work!

098: Lugia


Finally we get to the box legendaries!  Even though you can get both legendaries in both Gold and Silver, the difference is who you see first.  So for me in Silver, Lugia came first and you can find it in the Whirl Islands (between Olivine and Cianwood City).  I just remember the slog getting to it using Whirlpool and Waterfall to get by.  Though at the end you find this Psychic/Flying legendary (though thinking about it, Lugia was definitely more attuned to the Ocean which left me wondering why it wasn’t like part-Water at least.  Still, Lugia had a LOT of impact (being the main focus of the 2nd Pokémon movie).  I loved when I caught mine and loved using its signature move Aeroblast all the time.  Great Legendary!

099: Ho-oh


The other box legendary, Ho-oh is technically the first 2nd Gen Pokémon to get previewed for the Generation because it made a cameo in the first episode of the anime as the bird Ash sees before his adventure begins.  Ho-oh might not quite raise eyes initially because we already had a Fire/Flying bird in the form of Moltres.  Though it did stand out for me by being a lvl. 70 capture.  Though I do like that it did get Sacred Fire as its signature move, up until Gen 6 when Entei had also got it too.  I mean I didn’t really use it too much originally (I mean by the time you caught it, it was basically the end of the game lol).

100: Celebi


Ending the Johto dex and being a Mythical Pokémon, Celebi in the West never really happened, it was mostly a Japan-only thing because while it was programmed in G/S/C, it was only truly available in Crystal through an item event with something called the GS Ball (if you remember in the Anime, Ash carried one for quite a while and it was eventually put into use in the 4th Pokémon movie).  Other than hacks, you really weren’t able to get a Celebi legitimately unless you do an event during the time or until Gen 6 when it was gifted away as a Pokémon Bank exclusive or the re-release of Crystal on the 3DS.  Yeah this was a pretty elusive PKMN for sure, but looking at it now, it’s not really powerful and its movepool isn’t too fortunate (no signature move either).  It’s Psychic/Grass typing is the same as Gen 8’s Calyrex, but otherwise it’s cute (another one I though could’ve been part Fairy) but it’s OK




GENERATION 2: The 3rd Entry pt. 3 February 2, 2020

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Welcome to the 3rd post about Generation 3, really there isn’t totally much to say other than more Pokémon to cover!!!!

051: Wobbuffet


Opening this post, we have Wobbuffet, a rather strange Psychic-type Pokémon.  Despite that it’s mostly well known as being the kind of joke fold to the Team Rocket roster in the Anime, Wobbuffet is known for having just four moves in its arsenal at all times (Safeguard, Counter, Destiny Bond, and Mirror Coat)  That said it does have a nice set of HP and Defenses, but it’s pretty gimmicky at best.  Also, female Wobbuffets with the lipstick is hilarious!

Gen 3 though did bring its baby pre-evolution, Wynaut and slightly opened its movepool to include Splash, Encore, Amnesia, and Charm which yeah doesn’t quite add more to its usefulness, but I mean Wynaut is cuuute!

052: Girafarig


Another strange Pokémon IMO, Girafarig is our Normal/Psychic type which was unique right up until Gen 5 when Meloetta was introduced.  Initially in its Beta, it did have a pre-evolution on top of Girafarig’s design being different (it’s tail was another giraffe, but instead it got the chain chomp tail).  Personally, it never stood out for me and made me wonder why it was there…just seemed random too me.

053: Pineco, 054: Forretress


It seems Gen 2 for me had a lot of Pokémon that I really never found useful, or just kind of doesn’t stick out! The Forretress line is one of the few that I seemed to just purely forgot was a Gen 2 Pokémon!  Another one found by headbutting trees throughout Johto & Kanto, Pineco was kind of the annoying one because it can learn Self-Destruct making it somewhat annoying to catch, though I felt like it got better when it evolved into Forretress because it went from being a pure Bug type to a Bug/Steel-type.  It’s a pretty fast Pokémon and it learns some interesting moves, but yeah it’s outclassed clearly (and plus Scizor was the better Bug/Steel type anyways.

055: Dunsparce


Yeah this post is going to have a LOT of random Pokémon here and I feel like Dunsparce at this point has been kind of been looked at one of the few that should get something (6 Generations).  Being a Normal-type, it doesn’t seem to quite stick out, but it does because of his height (pretty big) and the fact in Gen 3 gained its ability Serene Grace (a couple others have it) have made it more curious.  I definitely vouch for it to one day get an evolution!  Maybe it won’t be such a meme!

056: Gligar


So here was another version exclusive and someone I missed out on, Gligar was a Gold exclusive and for shame because I really liked the Ground/Flying dual type (which like Quagsire) stopped Electric-types dead in their tracks.  That said I never really got to experience him until…

Generation 4 because we got introduced to its evolution, Gliscor which became quite the powerhouse for me and really was awesome to use.  Interesting Pokémon but in Gen 2, kind of just there…

057: Steelix


What a surprise to see that Onix actually has an evolution in Gen 2 (by trading it between games while holding a Metal Coat).  This Steel/Ground ‘mon is just so cool and surprisingly powerful.  It was just a monster and really represented the new Steel-type very well!

Though it was made even more crazy strong in Gen 6 in OR/AS specifically due to the fact it got a Mega Evolution.  With mirrors surrounding it, it’s not more defensive and just are ridiculous.  Really cool look overall.

058: Snubbull, 059: Granbull


I was so surprised when I got to see the first Pokémon movie and watching that Pikachu short just to end up seeing previews of the Johto Pokémon.  One was Marill and the other was this pink bulldog, Snubbull.  As the Normal-type, like many others with it, it just never really popped out for me.  Granbull is physically nice, but really doesn’t quite reach the top for me.

Though things changed in Generation 6 when the Granbull line’s typing changed entirely to being a pure Fairy-type making it slightly more interesting and the switch to having STAB with Fairy-moves.  At least nowadays, I’m a little more curious.

060: Qwilfish


These one-stage Pokémon are really throwing me off because they have some potential, especially with this Water/Poison type Qwilfish because in the Beta it actually had an evolution originally.  Though what we got is pretty much rather forgetful especially since we have the Tentacruel line that still is better.  I just don’t know what else to say about this one

061: Scizor


Yeah, even fan favorite Scyther got an evolution in Gen 2 in the form of Scizor (trading it while holding a Metal Coat, like Steelix).  Yeah, we get better defenses and sacrificed a little speed, but damn Scizor looks really edgy (though not quite sure on the switch from Green to Red though).

Though in Gen 6, we were introduced to its Mega Evolution and it looks more cybernetic and very angular too.  It kind of looked like a Deoxys forme if anything lol.  I will say it did make me enjoy Scizor a little more at least.

062: Shuckle


Using Rock Smash on certain rocks in Cianwood City could end up surprising you with this new Bug/Rock Pokémon and boy it’s a doozy.  Initially it’s pretty much the weak, but defensive Pokémon whos interesting use was from making it hold a Berry so it can turn into Berry Juice after a battle.  After more Generations passed, Shuckle turned into a demon who can incredibly raise its Defense into crazy numbers and if you’re lucky and use a Trick Room…makes him THE biggest attacking cannon.  Though there’s a lot behind it so it may not be worth that risk.  Interesting Pokémon though and was a nice surprise for a one-stager.

063: Heracross


More Pokémon that were found by headbutting trees, Heracross was in my opinion the winner of them all!  Being the first of the Bug/Fighting types, Heracross was surprisingly strong (especially since Bug types were boosted incredibly, most importantly with Heracross’ signature move during this Gen, Megahorn).  I definitely remembered using one for my battles a lot and was pretty powerful overall despite being one-stage.

Though in Gen 6, it curiously got a Mega Evolution and kind of paralleled Pinsir (who also got one too).  I don’t like its design much, but any buffs to Heracross is always a good one.

064: Sneasel


There was just something about a Dark/Ice Pokémon that really struck me as interesting especially since it, like Misdreavus were two of the last Pokémon you were able to run into Gold & Silver.  Sneasel is rather fast and uses its claws to really make its mark.  I would actually go ahead and say that it was my 2nd favorite from the Generation.

Though also like Misdreavus, in Generation 4, Sneasel was given a new evolution in Weavile.  Still cool, just more dangerous basically!

065: Teddiursa, 066: Ursaring


Gold had another exclusive though with the Ursaring line.  Being a pure Normal-type line, it felt like I hadn’t miss too much bypassing these two because while it has nice Attack stats, it felt a bit forgettable once again.  I think maybe I should use it again someday and see how well Ursaring stacks up but I don’t think I’ll be too impressed.

067: Slugma, 068: Magcargo


I was wondering if there was more Fire-types in the Generation and we get a strange slug Pokémon (aptly named) Slugma.  I wanted to like it but it’s slow Speed was not going to do it any favors and its evolution Magcargo (becoming a Fire/Rock) and while defenses go up, it’s still pretty slow.  I do kind of like it, but I’m just not good with it.

069: Swinub, 070: Piloswine


On the flipside of the coin, we were given a new Ice/Ground-type Piloswine line and I remember running into these a lot in the Ice Path.  Though I did pass these up because it was nearing the 8th Gym (and before the Elite 4).  I do like that the dual-type was unique at the time and brought some really nice moves for it.  I kind of enjoyed them despite not using them til later Gens.

Which is mostly due to Gen 4 when you can teach Piloswine, Ancient Power and when you level it up, it becomes the new evolution Mamoswine and it’s pretty cool and bulky especially as the 3rd evolution.  It’s what made me begin using them!

071: Corsola


Corsola was pretty unique too, I remember finding one from fishing near the Daycare Center.  Made sense since it is a Water/Rock (though, I’m sure Corsola would’ve been much better if it had been introduced in Hoenn).  I thought initialy it was connected to the Blissey line, but I mean it’s nice we got it.

Though in a sad twist, Gen 8 brought in a Galarian variant of Corsola (which is pure Ghost) and it’s evolution Cursola.  What’s sad is that it’s based off of bleached coral (dead basically).

072: Remoraid, 073: Octillery


Probably the most confusing line out of Gen 2, I think the look itself from the Octillery line is pretty much obvious here.  Yeah when I first saw these two I never thought they were connected in anyways but whenever Remoraid hits lvl. 25, it’ll evolve into Octillery.  Years later when the Spaceworld 1997 Demos were leaked and datamined, it was shown that the reason these two were connected was from the fact the beta designs were showing both being more weapon-based looking.  So I assume the fact that they changed it seemed a little weird and the connection between the two is even more further apart.

074: Delibird


Pokémon Silver players got some exclusives too, the first up was in this Christmas-inspired ‘mon, Delibird and it’s kind of a sketchy Pokémon at that.  It’s gimmick is around its signature move, Present where it sends a present to an opponent that either does damage or heals them.  It can learn other moves by TM, but other than that it usually only knows Present (or as of recent, Drill Peck).  Not quite sure what they were thinking for this Ice/Flying type, but it kind of just sucks all-around.

075: Mantine


As the last Pokémon in this post, Mantine was the 3rd Gold exclusive ‘mon and I think this was a bit better than Delibird at least despite sharing types with Gyarados, Pelipper and etc with it being Water/Flying.  I kind of like how bulky it was and I love manta rays as well (though was curious about why Remoraids were in its official art.

That was answered in Gen 4 when we were introduced to it’s baby pre-evolution in Mantyke and the only way you can evolve it is having a Remoraid in your party.  Interesting way to evolve, but now it makes more sense.  I’ve liked it since in later Generations at least so I’m happy with that