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GENERATION 2: The 3rd Entry pt. 3 February 2, 2020

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Welcome to the 3rd post about Generation 3, really there isn’t totally much to say other than more Pokémon to cover!!!!

051: Wobbuffet


Opening this post, we have Wobbuffet, a rather strange Psychic-type Pokémon.  Despite that it’s mostly well known as being the kind of joke fold to the Team Rocket roster in the Anime, Wobbuffet is known for having just four moves in its arsenal at all times (Safeguard, Counter, Destiny Bond, and Mirror Coat)  That said it does have a nice set of HP and Defenses, but it’s pretty gimmicky at best.  Also, female Wobbuffets with the lipstick is hilarious!

Gen 3 though did bring its baby pre-evolution, Wynaut and slightly opened its movepool to include Splash, Encore, Amnesia, and Charm which yeah doesn’t quite add more to its usefulness, but I mean Wynaut is cuuute!

052: Girafarig


Another strange Pokémon IMO, Girafarig is our Normal/Psychic type which was unique right up until Gen 5 when Meloetta was introduced.  Initially in its Beta, it did have a pre-evolution on top of Girafarig’s design being different (it’s tail was another giraffe, but instead it got the chain chomp tail).  Personally, it never stood out for me and made me wonder why it was there…just seemed random too me.

053: Pineco, 054: Forretress


It seems Gen 2 for me had a lot of Pokémon that I really never found useful, or just kind of doesn’t stick out! The Forretress line is one of the few that I seemed to just purely forgot was a Gen 2 Pokémon!  Another one found by headbutting trees throughout Johto & Kanto, Pineco was kind of the annoying one because it can learn Self-Destruct making it somewhat annoying to catch, though I felt like it got better when it evolved into Forretress because it went from being a pure Bug type to a Bug/Steel-type.  It’s a pretty fast Pokémon and it learns some interesting moves, but yeah it’s outclassed clearly (and plus Scizor was the better Bug/Steel type anyways.

055: Dunsparce


Yeah this post is going to have a LOT of random Pokémon here and I feel like Dunsparce at this point has been kind of been looked at one of the few that should get something (6 Generations).  Being a Normal-type, it doesn’t seem to quite stick out, but it does because of his height (pretty big) and the fact in Gen 3 gained its ability Serene Grace (a couple others have it) have made it more curious.  I definitely vouch for it to one day get an evolution!  Maybe it won’t be such a meme!

056: Gligar


So here was another version exclusive and someone I missed out on, Gligar was a Gold exclusive and for shame because I really liked the Ground/Flying dual type (which like Quagsire) stopped Electric-types dead in their tracks.  That said I never really got to experience him until…

Generation 4 because we got introduced to its evolution, Gliscor which became quite the powerhouse for me and really was awesome to use.  Interesting Pokémon but in Gen 2, kind of just there…

057: Steelix


What a surprise to see that Onix actually has an evolution in Gen 2 (by trading it between games while holding a Metal Coat).  This Steel/Ground ‘mon is just so cool and surprisingly powerful.  It was just a monster and really represented the new Steel-type very well!

Though it was made even more crazy strong in Gen 6 in OR/AS specifically due to the fact it got a Mega Evolution.  With mirrors surrounding it, it’s not more defensive and just are ridiculous.  Really cool look overall.

058: Snubbull, 059: Granbull


I was so surprised when I got to see the first Pokémon movie and watching that Pikachu short just to end up seeing previews of the Johto Pokémon.  One was Marill and the other was this pink bulldog, Snubbull.  As the Normal-type, like many others with it, it just never really popped out for me.  Granbull is physically nice, but really doesn’t quite reach the top for me.

Though things changed in Generation 6 when the Granbull line’s typing changed entirely to being a pure Fairy-type making it slightly more interesting and the switch to having STAB with Fairy-moves.  At least nowadays, I’m a little more curious.

060: Qwilfish


These one-stage Pokémon are really throwing me off because they have some potential, especially with this Water/Poison type Qwilfish because in the Beta it actually had an evolution originally.  Though what we got is pretty much rather forgetful especially since we have the Tentacruel line that still is better.  I just don’t know what else to say about this one

061: Scizor


Yeah, even fan favorite Scyther got an evolution in Gen 2 in the form of Scizor (trading it while holding a Metal Coat, like Steelix).  Yeah, we get better defenses and sacrificed a little speed, but damn Scizor looks really edgy (though not quite sure on the switch from Green to Red though).

Though in Gen 6, we were introduced to its Mega Evolution and it looks more cybernetic and very angular too.  It kind of looked like a Deoxys forme if anything lol.  I will say it did make me enjoy Scizor a little more at least.

062: Shuckle


Using Rock Smash on certain rocks in Cianwood City could end up surprising you with this new Bug/Rock Pokémon and boy it’s a doozy.  Initially it’s pretty much the weak, but defensive Pokémon whos interesting use was from making it hold a Berry so it can turn into Berry Juice after a battle.  After more Generations passed, Shuckle turned into a demon who can incredibly raise its Defense into crazy numbers and if you’re lucky and use a Trick Room…makes him THE biggest attacking cannon.  Though there’s a lot behind it so it may not be worth that risk.  Interesting Pokémon though and was a nice surprise for a one-stager.

063: Heracross


More Pokémon that were found by headbutting trees, Heracross was in my opinion the winner of them all!  Being the first of the Bug/Fighting types, Heracross was surprisingly strong (especially since Bug types were boosted incredibly, most importantly with Heracross’ signature move during this Gen, Megahorn).  I definitely remembered using one for my battles a lot and was pretty powerful overall despite being one-stage.

Though in Gen 6, it curiously got a Mega Evolution and kind of paralleled Pinsir (who also got one too).  I don’t like its design much, but any buffs to Heracross is always a good one.

064: Sneasel


There was just something about a Dark/Ice Pokémon that really struck me as interesting especially since it, like Misdreavus were two of the last Pokémon you were able to run into Gold & Silver.  Sneasel is rather fast and uses its claws to really make its mark.  I would actually go ahead and say that it was my 2nd favorite from the Generation.

Though also like Misdreavus, in Generation 4, Sneasel was given a new evolution in Weavile.  Still cool, just more dangerous basically!

065: Teddiursa, 066: Ursaring


Gold had another exclusive though with the Ursaring line.  Being a pure Normal-type line, it felt like I hadn’t miss too much bypassing these two because while it has nice Attack stats, it felt a bit forgettable once again.  I think maybe I should use it again someday and see how well Ursaring stacks up but I don’t think I’ll be too impressed.

067: Slugma, 068: Magcargo


I was wondering if there was more Fire-types in the Generation and we get a strange slug Pokémon (aptly named) Slugma.  I wanted to like it but it’s slow Speed was not going to do it any favors and its evolution Magcargo (becoming a Fire/Rock) and while defenses go up, it’s still pretty slow.  I do kind of like it, but I’m just not good with it.

069: Swinub, 070: Piloswine


On the flipside of the coin, we were given a new Ice/Ground-type Piloswine line and I remember running into these a lot in the Ice Path.  Though I did pass these up because it was nearing the 8th Gym (and before the Elite 4).  I do like that the dual-type was unique at the time and brought some really nice moves for it.  I kind of enjoyed them despite not using them til later Gens.

Which is mostly due to Gen 4 when you can teach Piloswine, Ancient Power and when you level it up, it becomes the new evolution Mamoswine and it’s pretty cool and bulky especially as the 3rd evolution.  It’s what made me begin using them!

071: Corsola


Corsola was pretty unique too, I remember finding one from fishing near the Daycare Center.  Made sense since it is a Water/Rock (though, I’m sure Corsola would’ve been much better if it had been introduced in Hoenn).  I thought initialy it was connected to the Blissey line, but I mean it’s nice we got it.

Though in a sad twist, Gen 8 brought in a Galarian variant of Corsola (which is pure Ghost) and it’s evolution Cursola.  What’s sad is that it’s based off of bleached coral (dead basically).

072: Remoraid, 073: Octillery


Probably the most confusing line out of Gen 2, I think the look itself from the Octillery line is pretty much obvious here.  Yeah when I first saw these two I never thought they were connected in anyways but whenever Remoraid hits lvl. 25, it’ll evolve into Octillery.  Years later when the Spaceworld 1997 Demos were leaked and datamined, it was shown that the reason these two were connected was from the fact the beta designs were showing both being more weapon-based looking.  So I assume the fact that they changed it seemed a little weird and the connection between the two is even more further apart.

074: Delibird


Pokémon Silver players got some exclusives too, the first up was in this Christmas-inspired ‘mon, Delibird and it’s kind of a sketchy Pokémon at that.  It’s gimmick is around its signature move, Present where it sends a present to an opponent that either does damage or heals them.  It can learn other moves by TM, but other than that it usually only knows Present (or as of recent, Drill Peck).  Not quite sure what they were thinking for this Ice/Flying type, but it kind of just sucks all-around.

075: Mantine


As the last Pokémon in this post, Mantine was the 3rd Gold exclusive ‘mon and I think this was a bit better than Delibird at least despite sharing types with Gyarados, Pelipper and etc with it being Water/Flying.  I kind of like how bulky it was and I love manta rays as well (though was curious about why Remoraids were in its official art.

That was answered in Gen 4 when we were introduced to it’s baby pre-evolution in Mantyke and the only way you can evolve it is having a Remoraid in your party.  Interesting way to evolve, but now it makes more sense.  I’ve liked it since in later Generations at least so I’m happy with that