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GENERATION 2: The last 25! pt. 4 February 6, 2020

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So earlier today (the 5th), majority of the Sugimori Art had finally come out in decent quality, so I thought I would get the remainder of the Johto Pokémon out of the way before I begin Galar sometime next week! (still missing some arts, mostly Galarian forms and Gigantamax PKMN).  So shall we get this over with?

076: Skarmory


Starting the last 25, Skarmory comes first who was a Silver exclusive and for the longest time was one of my favorites to use because it had a nice typing mix of Steel/Flying and it was fast and hits pretty hard despite being only a one-stage Pokémon.  I will say that nowadays it might’ve been surpassed by Corviknight (who shares the same typing), but there’ll always be something nostalgic about Skarmory.  Really awesome!

077: Houndour, 078: Houndoom


Ooooh, something a big more menacing huh?  Yup, this devil dog is fitting due to its Dark/Fire typing and just the overall look of it.  I remember that I had liked using it in Gen 2 because it was another nice Fire user and Houndoom looked badass!  I don’t recall taking him to the end, but I still found use regardless.

Which was why I was happy to see it got a Mega Evolution in Gen 6, though disappointed it wasn’t a representation of Cerberus of something.  Still, it was strong as hell and I loved using it more than other Megas.

079: Kingdra


Of all the Generation 1 Pokémon, I had the least thoughts about Seadra getting an evolution, but once you trade one with a Dragon Scale, Seadra evolves into Kingdra who is now a Water/Dragon type.  I actually remember it being quite powerful and such a decent upgrade, but I never really got to own one til later Generations due to the lack of friends with a link cable (and me with a 2nd GBC).  Still, I really like using it on occasions.  Strong Pokémon!

080: Phanpy, 081: Donphan


Another Pokémon that was first shown off during the first movie (this time the actual movie as it’s the unnamed opponent Ash goes off against and despite it wasn’t given a name throughout, watching this unknown Pokémon using Rollout, really made me curious about it and luckily it was another Silver exclusive!  Being a pure Ground-type, the Donphan line wasn’t too special, but it did have a little usage in and out of Generations, though it seems this elephant now has a challenger in Gen 8’s Copperajah line…pretty curious to see what’ll come next for the line if there will be any.

082: Porygon2


One of my favorite Pokémon form Gen 1, Porygon got an evolution in Gen 2 after trading with the Up-Grade item being held.  Of course it gets a bit faster and it’s bubbly appearance makes it look even more duck-like (especially its movement looks like the Drinking Bird toy).  I have to say that I enjoyed this design just as equally as its pre-evolution.  There was a beta design where it was like a lion with balls around its neck and I’m so happy they spent more time with working on it.

Though it also gains an evolution once Gen 4 comes around after ONCE AGAIN trading a Porygon2 with a Dubious Disc held to get a Porygon-Z where it’s a bit more zany and insane.  Still a really awesome line here

083: Stantler


I think the blandest inclusion is possibly Stantler in the 2nd Gen.  I mean nothing really stands out about it, but I had felt because of some of the Dex and Anime happenings, I felt like maybe it could’ve been a Normal/Psychic (maybe make it a parallel to Girafarig perhaps?).  Still it ended up being just pure Normal and eventually in Gen 5 get surpassed by the Sawsbuck line too.  Really forgetful overall!

084: Smeargle


Another Pure Normal-type, Smeargle is definitely one of the more odd Pokémon introduced here.  Found in Ruins of Alph (but in a rather small patch of grass), Smeargle doesn’t seem quite special until you start your research.  Smeargle only learns one more, Sketch, but it learns it every 10 levels (ex: 1, 11, 21, 31).  What Sketch does is that Smeargle copies the last move used on it, so in a sense it can learn any move in the game, but that move is permanent so you could build a rather dangerous moveset for it, but Smeargle has some piss-poor stats that doesn’t really use it to its advantage.  Very gimmicky but could be useful?  Just be careful when using Sketch!

085: Tyrogue, 086: Hitmontop


We get into another batch of Baby Pokémon starting with Tyrogue who is a pre-evolution to Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and the also newly introduced in the Generation, Hitmontop.  The idea for Tyrogue is that it has 3 ways to evolve into the 3 mentioned above.  It basically goes once it hits level 20, it will evolve.  If its Attack is higher than Defense, you get Hitmonlee, the opposite (Defense above Attack) will net you Hitmonchan and if both are equal (making it rather difficult to get) you end up with Hitmontop.  Interesting though, as for my thoughts on Hitmontop, it’s unusual and the fact it doesn’t tie-in with the naming convention (Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan) lends itself to be a rather black sheep Pokémon, but I do like it has Speed and Triple Kick is cool to use back then.  Also both Beta designs were pretty bad xD

087: Smoochum


The next 3 baby Pokémon IMO really don’t add much to the meta for their evolutions, but I suppose it’s a thing.  Smoochum is of course the pre-evolution for Jynx and it’s just much weaker overall and you only want one for dex completion.  Though you are stuck with Smoochum until lvl. 30 when she evolves.  Nothing really much else to say about Smoochum.

088: Elekid


Same thing with Elekid (actually even Magby too) that all 3 evolve at level 30 into their respective Gen 1 evolutions. I remember Elekid being in the Pokémon short for the 2nd movie, but that’s really about it.  Of course a much weaker Electabuzz here, but it looks interesting.

Of course after Electabuzz, it gets another evolution in Gen 4 after trading an Electabuzz holding a Electrizer into an Electivire.

089: Magby


Very much like Elekid and Smoochum before just repeating, level 30 into Magmar.  I feel like I forget about this Pokémon a lot because I usually don’t like using Magmar (or Magmortar) that much.  Actually thinking about I’m surprised that Jynx is the only of the 3 that didn’t get an evolution

Once Magby evolves, Magmar can evolve again in Gen 4 into Magmortar by trading it while it’s holding the Magmarizer item.  Though I really am not a big fan of its design very much.

090: Miltank


I’m pretty surprised Miltank is found all the way towards the end of the Johto dex here.  It’s not even totally that great besides the fact that it knows Milk Drink, but otherwise, Miltank wasn’t particularly that interesting in Johto.  Well, other than the fact it’s known for being a beast when going against Whitney’s (the 3rd Gym leader) Miltank who wrecked teams with its Rollout.  Since then, it usually is seen paired up with Tauros (because all Miltank were females).  Not the most memorable, but it did its job.

091: Blissey


Did Chansey really need this?  We already had a Pokémon who had a LOT of Hit Points and was surprisingly decent for being a Normal-type and then we suddenly get Blissey here who is just a dreadnaught of a tank in Gen 2.  Though to get Blissey, your Chansey needs to have high friendship and if I remember right, it wasn’t easy to get xD.  It was just such a good Pokémon to use and I had used one a lot in later Gens.

The evolutionary chain was completed in Gen 4 when we were introduced to Happiny which was the Baby Pokémon for the line.  Kind of surprised that it didn’t join others in retyping to Fairy (was one of the first Pokémon I thought of, on top of the Lake Legendaries of Gen 4 and none of them changed (or added types)).

092: Raikou


We finally get into some legendaries starting with the legendary dogs.  Raikou I felt of the 3 got the short end of the stick because the other two had some prominence in a rather obvious way (Entei in the 3rd movie & Suicune being the main in Pokémon Crystal).  Raikou was funny enough the only one of the 3 I had caught in Silver because I was young and dumb and was already stressed with finding them in Johto (they were the first to start the whole “roaming” legendary meaning they can be found in any route you’re in by chance.  I managed to catch Raikou and it was my leading Electric-type user for a while.  Neat Pokémon that gets me nostalgic!

093: Entei


Yeah Entei ended up being the major face of the 3rd movie (alongside Unown) and Entei looked pretty badass and powerful even managing going toe-to-toe with Charizard.  Like I said under Raikou, I never was able to catch it (ending up fainting it instead) and I missed out on the Fire-type beast.  Still looks cool though that’s for sure!  Though it’s interesting to note that the 3 looked VERY different in their Beta designs, I’m happy they got better looking down the line!

094: Suicune


Yup, Pokémon Crystal actually had Suicune on its boxart and I thought that was pretty weird that it was getting the focus over both Raikou and Entei.  Though it is my favorite design of the 3 dogs.  Though it is a Water-type, I find myself being confused because a lot of the moves I remember it getting were Ice-types.  Regardless, I dug it and I like it in Smash Bros. Ultimate!

095: Larvitar, 096: Pupitar, 097: Tyranitar


Interesting that once again the pseudo-legendary line comes after the trio of the games.  Curiously enough Tyranitar was one of the first Pokémon created so I really enjoy they brought this Kaijuu design around for the 2nd Generation.  It starts as the Rock/Ground Larvitar and at lvl. 30 it’ll evolve into its cocoon form, Pupitar before reaching and evolving into Tyranitar at lvl. 55.  At that point, Tyranitar becomes a Rock/Dark type and just is a force to be reckoned with.

Curiously enough to kind of parallel Aggron, Tyranitar got a Mega Evolution in X & Y and it just made it more powerful and scary to deal with.  It could’ve looked more monstrous, but it definitely did the work!

098: Lugia


Finally we get to the box legendaries!  Even though you can get both legendaries in both Gold and Silver, the difference is who you see first.  So for me in Silver, Lugia came first and you can find it in the Whirl Islands (between Olivine and Cianwood City).  I just remember the slog getting to it using Whirlpool and Waterfall to get by.  Though at the end you find this Psychic/Flying legendary (though thinking about it, Lugia was definitely more attuned to the Ocean which left me wondering why it wasn’t like part-Water at least.  Still, Lugia had a LOT of impact (being the main focus of the 2nd Pokémon movie).  I loved when I caught mine and loved using its signature move Aeroblast all the time.  Great Legendary!

099: Ho-oh


The other box legendary, Ho-oh is technically the first 2nd Gen Pokémon to get previewed for the Generation because it made a cameo in the first episode of the anime as the bird Ash sees before his adventure begins.  Ho-oh might not quite raise eyes initially because we already had a Fire/Flying bird in the form of Moltres.  Though it did stand out for me by being a lvl. 70 capture.  Though I do like that it did get Sacred Fire as its signature move, up until Gen 6 when Entei had also got it too.  I mean I didn’t really use it too much originally (I mean by the time you caught it, it was basically the end of the game lol).

100: Celebi


Ending the Johto dex and being a Mythical Pokémon, Celebi in the West never really happened, it was mostly a Japan-only thing because while it was programmed in G/S/C, it was only truly available in Crystal through an item event with something called the GS Ball (if you remember in the Anime, Ash carried one for quite a while and it was eventually put into use in the 4th Pokémon movie).  Other than hacks, you really weren’t able to get a Celebi legitimately unless you do an event during the time or until Gen 6 when it was gifted away as a Pokémon Bank exclusive or the re-release of Crystal on the 3DS.  Yeah this was a pretty elusive PKMN for sure, but looking at it now, it’s not really powerful and its movepool isn’t too fortunate (no signature move either).  It’s Psychic/Grass typing is the same as Gen 8’s Calyrex, but otherwise it’s cute (another one I though could’ve been part Fairy) but it’s OK




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