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Kobushi Factory – Seishun no Hana/Start Line February 23, 2020

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Track Listing

  1. Seishun no Hana
  2. Start Line
  3. Seishun no Hana (Instrumental)
  4. Start Line (Instrumental)

1. Seishun no Hana

Boy, did I get worried when I saw the title of this song and immediately thought of “Kobushi no Hana”, but luckily the song isn’t a ballad and kind of sits at a mid-tempo/upbeat song that’s a little more akin to something like “Haru Urara” since they’re both Springtime songs.  There’s something about the song that feels both sentimental and kind of generic in a way.  I think it’s OK and the light pop/rock vibes is OK, but nothing that really pops out to me.

2. Start Line

As for the other A-side, Start Line is a bit more along my tastes bringing back the more rockin’ style to the group which actually reminds me of “Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa” considering its similar topic here.  I’m really loving the fact that all 5 members are giving such hefty solos that really show off their vocal talents (especially for both Minami and Sakurako, they impressed me the most out of the song.  Despite that it’s another one of those be your best and look forward to the future kind of tracks that for whatever reason Kobushi Factory keeps getting, this one is pretty good overall!



If I had to be honest, I would say this single is pretty tame for the group, it’s kind of the similar feelings I had with “Oh No Ounou / Haru Urara” with the upbeat rockin’ track and the softer springtime song but reversed.  Both songs though feel similar to past tracks they’ve done which is kind of a bummer too.  Though it kind of sucks…

Because this is also Kobushi’s final single as a group as they’ll be disbanding in March leaving only Reirei to remain in H!P.  I didn’t think it’d happen so soon after their sophomore album, but long and behold it’s going to happen.  Not even a best album to kind of wrap things up either, but I don’t think they needed one to begin with (although T&C Bomber did that).  Just sad that the group couldn’t keep up after all the drama in the group, hopefully the remaining members will go onto have good careers (though I think Sakurako is the only one fully retiring).


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