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GENERATION 8: The next batch! Pt. 2 February 25, 2020

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So here we are with part 2 of the run-through of Galar and we get into some more interesting designs, so shall we dive in?

025: Yamper, 026: Boltund


Kicking this post off, we have the electric doggo Boltund line!  I mean it is in line, parallel to the Manectric line (who are also in Sword and Shield funny enough), but these are more British tampered here.  Yamper is really adorable and is a porky pooch before evolving into Boltund.  However, beyond its cuteness…I really didn’t use it for too long for some reason, but I’m not quite sure why beyond there was better Pokémon, I think it could’ve used another evolution too it seems.

027: Rolycoly, 028: Carkol, 029: Coalossal


Ooooh a new dual type comes next huh?  Well, not so much the case for Rolycoly since it’s a pure Rock-type, but once it evolves into Carkol and again into Coalossal, it becomes the Rock/Fire type and it’s pretty cool albeit has some weaknesses.  I initially had hoped the design would be a little more unique, but seeing Coalossal is kind of giving me a mix of Golem and Rhyperior for some strange reason and Carkol’s eyes are just freaky to me which kind of killed the design sort of.  It does get a Gigantamax form though, but I’ll talk about that later.  I’m OK with it, but I think it could’ve been better.

030: Applin, 031: Flapple, 032: Appletun


Ok, I have to say this is probably one of my favorite lines from Galar to be honest (though I also didn’t use one in my team in the finals).  You get Applin pretty early I’d say, but it’s such a useless ‘mon due to it only knowing Withdraw & Astonish which is just piss poor IMO.  Though luckily in Motostoke, you can obtain either the Tart (Sword) or Sweet (Shield) Apple to evolve into either Flapple or Appletun respectively.  So yes, it’s the region’s only new split evo line!  I did enjoy Flapple though (even though I REALLY wanted an Appletun, but I didn’t obtain it until post-game).  Really cool designs and the Grass/Dragon type is pretty neat as well.  Though what confused me was that both Flapple & Appletun got Gigantamax forms but they look way similar and kind of feels confusing being in line, but I’ll talk about that more when I get to that!

033: Silicobra, 034: Sandaconda


As the only Ground-type to be introduced for the Generation that isn’t a Galarian form of an existing Pokemon, the Sandaconda line was the surprise for me here.  I already enjoyed Silicobra’s design a lot (especially the green eyes)!  Then I saw Sandaconda and was a little surprised at coiled up it is and its head poking through the middle like it’s a donut.  Though I quickly warmed up and it LITERALLY became my MVP of Sword as it came in clutch going up against Leon’s Charizard at the end of the E4.  Add on that its coiled-like state carries into its Gigantamax form which actually makes it into a sand twister!  Grown to be one of my favorites from Gen 8!

035: Cramorant


Something about green eyes here huh?  So Cramorant was one of the few that were shown off before the game came out and really, I wasn’t entirely sure what to think of it due to not having the more interesting typing of Flying/Water (many others share it).  Though it does come with a unique ability in Gulp Missile in which whenever it uses Surf or Dive it’ll either return back with either an Arrokuda or a Pikachu in its mouth and then if it’s hit it’ll launch them (Pikachu adds paralysis, since y’know an electric missile).  Other than that, I didn’t find Cramorant all that interesting, but I suppose it’s pretty derpy!

036: Arrokuda, 037: Barraskewda


So when Cramorant was first shown off and its ability was explained, we got a quich shot of a fish Pokemon and I had wondered why they never talked about this Pokemon until after the game released.  At least I was right that it had to be one since it was designed like one.  The Barraskewda line is definitely this Generation’s easy to find fish Pokemon so it initially didn’t pull me (I did use it for a couple gyms though), though Barraskewda might be interesting because it gets quick and attacks hard!  It may stick out a little bit, I may return to using it and see what else it can do!

038: Toxel, 039: Toxtricity


I think the getaway favorite of this Gen has to be the Toxtricity line and for good reason!  First off, the line is the unique typing of Poison/Electric which was immediately a pull for me to try out.  Though it did fall back when you have to deal with Toxel who really isn’t all that great stat-wise (especially since it looks like a baby).  Though what gets interesting is when it evolves at lvl. 30!  Depending on the nature of the Toxel will net you what Toxtricity you’ll get.  The more energetic and upbeat nature get you the Amped form Toxtrictiy while the more quieter and low-end natures will end up as the Low Key form.  The differences between the two outside the visual is the difference of two moves (Amped learns Venoshock & Shift Gear, while Low Key learns Venom Drench & Magnetic Flux).  Add on its unique ability Punk Rock (powers up Sound-based moves) and its Signature move Overdrive and a post-game added Gigantamax form (which may have some historical prevalence in Galar), Toxtricity got a LOT love here…One of my favorites and was on my final team in the game!

040: Sizzlipede, 041: Centiskorch


I was hoping to see more new Bug-types this Generation and I’m just happy that the 3 lines that are, are pretty good so to speak albeit the Centiskorch line doesn’t have a unique type with Bug/Fire (Volcarona line says hi).  While we have had a centipede line before as well (Scolipede also says hi), I feel like Centiskorch is really cool looking and seems pretty strong.  Though me being me, I spend like an hour looking for Sizzlipede on Route 3, not knowing I could just easily catch one at Kabu’s gym challenge >.>  Throw on that Centiskorch has a Gigantamax form and you have a pretty dangerous Bug/Fire on your team!

042: Clobbopus, 043: Grapploct


I feel like there’s a sense of deja vu with this next line that’s for sure.  Like with Crabrawler last gen, I get tripped up because the Grapploct line are pure Fighting-type and not Water/Fighting as I assumed as they’re octopi.  Though it also follows Hawlucha’s Lucha Libre feel as well which doesn’t quite strike me much.  May be my least favorite design out of Gen 8 possibly?

044: Sinistea, 045: Polteageist


When I saw Polteageist for the first time, I knew it had to be British-based, but fusing it into this Ghost-type was smart and pretty unique, even if it slightly reminds me of the Chandelure line for whatever reason.  Though interesting is that evolves with the Cracked Pot which is something that isn’t new, but I like we’re bringing back item evolutions back.  THOUGH, that’s not all…after the game released, people found an item called the Chipped Pot and later learned that the Sinisteas that can evolve with the Cracked Pot are Phony forms while the others are called the Antique form (which is REALLY hard to tell because the only difference is a mark of authenticity on the bottom) besides that same Pokémon.  I kind of wish there was more to it, like a stat difference or something, but otherwise yeah…I don’t know…

046: Hatenna, 047: Hattrem, 048: Hatterene


It seems they’re trying to go for that Lolita vibe once again in this Generation (like Gardevoir and Gothitelle before)  Though I have to say, it’s one of those times where I’m actually not really interesting in the Psychic line in this case.  Hatenna & Hattrem are pretty cute to say the least and that works, but seeing it evolve into Hatterene just left me kind of scratching my head especially since its hair surrounds the body and the arm is the part of the hat…it just felt weird and on top of that in-game, it’s incredibly slow so it gets out matches by both Gardevoir (who shares the Psychic/Fairy type with) and Gothitelle who both are in Sword/Shield too…kind of a bleh design if you ask me and its Gigantamax form didn’t really help much either.

049: Impidimp, 050: Morgrem, 051: Grimmsnarl


As the last on this post, the Grimmsnarl line was a curious one when we were first introduced to Impidimp who was odd but had some cute quirks about it.  Being the first Dark/Fairy line, my thoughts are kind of that the Grimmsnarl line is more or less the glass cannon which means it hits hard but its defense is a bit shoddy and while it ended up on my Final team, it was used sparingly because it’d usually get killed quickly.  Still, it’s pretty edgy looking and it even has a Gigantamax form too to make it more of a threat.




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